Universal Tensile Strength Machine China Vendor

Universal tensile testing machines are testing equipment that are used to conduct mechanical testings of static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, stripping, applied to plastic sheets, pipes, tapes, rubbers, electric wires, springs, sponges, fibers etc. Tensile test is performed to measure and analyze the physical performances of different types of materials and finial products, playing an important role in developing new materials and controlling products quality. From the perspective of function, universal tensile testing(UTM) machine is an omnipotent instrument Just as the name implies. Clamps or fixtures are interchangeable on the basis of different test pieces, enabling various testings to be carried out on one tensile testing instrument. Options of single-column stand or twin-column stand can be available based on the specimen’s tensile/compressive force and dimension. Computerized tensile tester is preferred rather than microprocessor version If users want testing results including curve graphics between time, force and displacement.