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Motorized Pull Tester Machine

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Motorized Pull Tester Machine is also referred to as the electric pull testing machine intended to determine the pull strength of various materials and finished products. It adopts a brand-new design, with a beautiful appearance, small size, and compact structure. The pull tester uses the structure of a combination containing an electric test stand and a digital force gauge, allowing you to flexibly configure a force measuring device for the machine while lowering the manufacturing cost and improving the product’s cost-effectiveness.

The power system of the pull tester machine is mainly composed of a speed-regulating motor, a ball screw, and a polished rod linear bearing to drive the fixture up or down. The precision motor has strong power, and the efficiency of ball screw transmission is high, with good stability, low noise, and durability.

This pull tester machine has a vertical single-column structure. A column erects on a square pedestal. The effective travel of the fixture down the column is as long as 350 mm. You can control the speed of the test through the speed control switch.

Two operating modes of the manual and automatic are available in this pull tester. In manual mode, the movement of the movable grip is completely controlled by the operator operating the buttons on the control panel. In automatic mode, the movable grip automatically executes the ascending or descending command to complete the test.

There is a dividing scale on the column of the tension tester, coupled with an indicating finger on the mobile module to record the travel distance during the test. There are upper and lower limit devices on the column to protect this motorized pull tester.

schematic diagram of the motorized tension tester

A digital push-pull force gauge is attached to the stand of this motorized pull tester. There are gauges with different capacities from 2 N to 1000 N for you to choose from to meet different test requirements. The lowest division value can reach 0.0001 N.

This force gauge has 3 measurement modes: PEAK mode, AUTO PEAK mode and TRACK mode. The peak hold time in AUTO peak mode can be set freely from 0 to 9 s. An LCD with a backlight function displays test data and prompt icons. The direction of the displayed content can be inverted according to the needs of observation.

It supports multiple force value units of lbf / N / Kgf / gf for users to choose from freely. You can set the upper & lower limits of the force. When the load exceeds the upper and lower limits, or when the voltage of the internal battery is lower than the specified value, the gauge will automatically send an alarm, and a corresponding warning icon will flash on the screen to remind you. The force gauge will automatically shut down if there is no operation within the set time.

The gauge can store 30 sets of test data. Each set of data contains the maximum value, minimum value and average value.The real-time test data can be transferred to a personal computer and displayed in dynamic graphics, allowing you to more clearly grasp the changes in the force value during the test.

The gauge is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery or an AC adapter.

Mounting hole location of the force gauge

This is a universal tensile testing machine, because the grips are interchangeable based on different test items. We can equip the instrument with different grips and fixtures to achieve mechanical tests such as tension, compression, bending, peeling, shearing, tearing, puncture, etc.

You can advise us of what specimens you will test on or test items you will perform when inquiring. Then we will recommend matching fixtures according to your needs when we quote.

  • The motorized mechanism enables you to be free from hands during the test and allows for higher accuracy.

  • The digital push-pull force gauge is removable from the test stand.

  • The use of the high-precision ball screw brings smooth operation and low noise.

  • Equipped with a concise control panel to facilitate the use.

  • Auto & manual test modes are available.

  • The test speed is adjustable at will.

  • The base plate connected to the bottom fixture can be adjusted towards 4 directions to match different testing requirements.

  • The test stand can be configured with different fixtures to realize multiple applications.

  • There are upper and lower limit devices on the column to protect the instrument.

  • A scale and an indicating finger are available to reflect the displacement.

  • Fitted with a digital push pull force gauge with an LCD to collect force and display the test results.

  • We have gauges with different ranges for you to choose from.

  • 30 sets of test data can be stored.

  • Supports selecting different force units.

  • Real-time / PEAK / AUTO PEAK modes are available.

  • The gauge has an audio and icon alarm function if exceeding the warning values.

  • With freely configured professional software, real-time data can be transmitted to a personal computer for real-time display of force values in the form of dynamic graphics.

  • The gauge is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery or AC adapter.

Model                                                                                                   AT-U2-770
Capacity 2 N 3 N 5 N 10 N 20 N 30 N 50 N 100 N 200 N 300 N 500 N 1000 N
0.2 kgf 0.3 kgf 0.51 kgf 1.02 kgf 2.04 kgf 3.06 kgf 5.1 kgf 10.2 kgf 20.4 kgf 30.6 kgf 51.0 kgf 102.0 kgf
0.45 lbf 0.67 lbf 1.12 lbf 2.25 lbf 4.5 lbf 6.74 lbf 11.24 lbf 22.5 lbf 45.0 lbf 67.4 lbf 112.4 lbf 224.8 lbf
Resolution 0.0001 N                          0.001 N                           0.01 N             0.1 N       1 N
Accuracy ±0.5 %
Stroke 450 mm (exclude grips), 350 mm (include standard grips)
Units                 N / lbf / gf                                                                  Kgf / N / lbf
Test Speed 10 ~ 350 mm / min (stepless adjustment)
Dimension 400 mm × 378 mm × 850 mm
Weight Approx 30 kg

The following are some applications of this machine. If you want to know more about the application, please contact us.

fishing line tension testrubber & terminal pull testcompression & peel tension test

  • Please take safety precautions before the test, and be careful of hurting people after the sample breaks during the tension or compression test.

  • Before the test, please adjust the position of the limit switch to prevent the upper and lower clamps from directly colliding and damaging the sensor of the force gauge.

  • Please be careful not to use it over the range. Otherwise, it will damage the sensor of the force gauge. The machine will sound an alarm if the range is exceeded, but there is no over-range protection function.

  • For your safety, please connect it to a socket with a grounding wire.

  • Please turn it off when not in use, and do not charge the force gauge for a long time.

For a wide range of grips, please click HERE to learn more.

control panel of motorized tension tester

Control Panel

  • JERK BUTTON: Emergency stop switch — can quickly realize emergency stop in case of emergencies
  • SPEED: Speed control switch — to adjust the test speed
  • AUTO: Automatic button — in the automatic test mode, press the UP or DOWN button to realize the automatic test
  • MANUAL: Inching button — in the manual test mode, press the up or down button to realize the inching test
  • STOP: Able to pause the tester during the test.
  • UP: Allow the fixture to ascend
  • DOWN: Allow the fixture to descend
  • Base plate
  • Made of rugged stainless steel
  • The bottom grip is fixed to it
  • Compatible with various fixtures
  • Allowed to be moved forwards, backwards, left, and right by adjustment
  • The distance from the center is up to 65 mm
base plate of motorized tension tester
power inlet of motorized tension tester
  • Backside of the pedestal
  • Power Inlet: 220 V or customized voltage
  • Power Switch: Main switch for the machine
  • FUSE: Protect the machine when the current is too large

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