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Motorized Wire Crimp Pull Tester

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Computerized Pull Tester for Crimped Wires is an electronic wire terminal testing instrument intended to measure the pull-off force of wires and crimped terminals. Different from the manual pull tester requiring you to operate the lever or hand wheel with a hand to drive the clamping device to make movements, the motorized crimp pull tester allows you to free your hands and control via a computer during testing. It is an automatic wire crimp pull tester completing the test automatically. If you use this pull tester to perform the wire crimp pull test, you will be free from tedious manual manipulation from now on.

This pull tester for crimped wires supports the maximum pull force of as high as 1000 N (225 lb). The clamping devices consist of a movable clamp and a fixed clamp. Jaws of the movable clamp can be open to 9 mm, and the clamping length is up to 50 mm. A fixed disc-shaped wire terminal grip comes with 12 slots of different sizes to match a wide variety of wires and terminals in various diameters and shapes. You can advise our sales specialists of the dimension and type of your specimens prior to purchase. We will help you evaluate whether the standard grip can accommodate your products.

Apart from the standard multi-terminal grip, we can also configure other tensile fixtures for you. It can become a universal tensile testing machine after matching different clamps.

After necessary parameters are set in advance, and you give the order to start the crimp pull test, the moving fixture will automatically move at the set speed. There are 3 different modes to enable you to perform destructive testing and non-destructive testing.

  • The fixture can automatically return to the starting position for destructive testing after the sample is broken. The real-time force will be collected and presented in curve graphics on the screen. The peak load and elongation are recorded and stored for analysis and recall in the system.

  • When conducting non-destructive testing, you can preset a tensile force at a specified speed. Once the force applied by the instrument reaches the set tensile force during the test, the fixture stops applying force and automatically returns to the initial point. You can also preset a retention time. When the set force is reached, the force applying mechanism will keep a relatively constant force to pull the sample during the set period of time. The load will fluctuate within the range of 2%.

  • Another mode is to set a desirable displacement of the movable fixture in advance. When the sample is stretched to the specified position, the test will automatically stop, and the fixture will automatically return to the starting point. This machine allows you to preset up to 6 target force values or 6 target displacement values simultaneously.

We are available to offer 2 models of horizontal motorized wire crimp pull testers: U2-980-2 standard motorized wire crimp pull tester & U2-980A-2 computerized wire crimp pull tester. Click below to learn more:

The standard wire crimp pull tester is controlled by a microprocessor and equipped with a high-definition touch screen for parameter setup and data presentation. In addition to displaying real-time force and elongation values, maximum force, and instantaneous speed, the screen can also display various curve graphs, including force/time, force/deformation, and deformation/time. Curve coordinates allow for free alteration. There are three different test modes for you to choose from. The test speed is adjustable, and the clamp supports self-return. The system can automatically save 50 sets of test data and calculate the average automatically, maximum and minimum values. The test result containing the graph can be printed out on the test site through the built-in thermal printer.

Motorized Wire Crimp Pull Tester U2-980-2

The computerized wire crimp pull tester is configured with a computer regardless of a desktop or a laptop on the basis of the standard version. It has all the functions of a normal touch screen version. We provide specialized software run on WINDOWS operating system. All test data are outputted to a computer through a communication interface of RJ-45. You can set all parameters with a mouse and a monitor instead of the touch screen. Test results containing graphs will be presented on your PC. Multiple curves can be displayed on one screen at the same time. The test report is automatically generated, and you can freely edit the content and format to save and print.

computerized wire crimp pull tester U2-980A-2

  • A microprocessor controls testing.

  • Electric drive to automatically stretch the specimen.

  • Configured with a pair of standard crimp pull test clamps, with auto-return function.

  • Fitted with an LCD touch screen for parameter setup and data display.

  • The system language supports English / Chinese.

  • Force units can be selected from N, gf, KN, kgf, lbf, t.

  • Test speed is adjustable.

  • The instrument is automatically zeroed before a test.

  • There are 3 test modes for destructive testing and non-destructive testing.

  • Supports selecting multiple turning points for load or elongation of the specimen.

  • The holding time with a constant force applied to specimens can be settable when non-destructive testing.

  • Three types of curves containing load/time, load/elongation, elongation/time are selectable.

  • The curve coordinates can be changed at will.

  • It can store 50 sets of data and automatically calculate the maximum, minimum, and average values.

  • Supports printing test results on the spot using the built-in thermal printer.

The following are only available in the Computerized Crimp Pull Tester:

  • Test data are transferred to a personal computer via a communication cable.

  • Configured with specialized software to run the test.

  • All operations and controls are completed on the computer.

  • Multiple curves with different parameters are displayed simultaneously in one screen.

  • The table of test results can be editable.

Model AT-U2-980/A-2
Capacity 10 N 20 N 50 N 100 N 200 N 500 N 1000 N
Force Resolution 0.001 N 0.001 N 0.001 N 0.001 N 0.01 N 0.01 N 0.01 N
Displacement Resolution 0.01 mm
Accuracy of Force Measurement <±1%
Test Speed 1 ~ 500 mm / min (Different speeds can be tailored)
Stroke Total stroke: 380 mm (clamps excluded), effective stroke: 200 mm (can be tailored)
Print Built-in thermal printer
Weight 30 kg
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz / 110 V, 60 Hz

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