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manual horizontal wire pull tester

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This horizontal wire pull tester is intended to determine the pull-off strength of various wire/cable crimped terminals, joints, connectors, soldering points, etc.

The cable pull tester is mainly composed of a test stand, a digital push-pull force gauge, a stationary grip, and a movable fixture.

Unlike our common vertical pull tester machines, the test stand of this pull tester is horizontal. There are some significant advantages. First, the horizontal style has more ample space for pulling up. Second, it can effectively reduce the influence of the weight of the sample on the test result during the test. Third, the operator can mount and remove the sample more conveniently.

Each Horizontal Wire Pull Tester is equipped with a pair of clamps, including a movable clamp controlled by the lever and a stationary clamp connected to the push-pull gauge. The movable clamp is to grip the terminal to be tested, and the stationary clamp is to fix the other end of the specimen. The saw-toothed jaws of clamps enable the specimen to be held firmly.

This wire terminal pull tester can test various wire terminal samples by matching different fixtures. In addition to the standard grip, we can also tailor a variety of other fixtures to help you complete the test according to the characteristics of your sample, such as the connector pull-off test and wire crimp pull test.

grips of the manual wire pull tester

The test stand of this horizontal pull tester is equipped with a mechanical lever handle. The lever can accurately act on the clamping device through a simple transmission mechanism to complete the test under manual operation. It has a very high level of reliability and stability of the instrument. Coupled with the humanized design, it will feel very labor-saving and easy-to-use when you are in operation.

The test range of the digital push-pull force gauge is from 2 to 1000 N (100 kg) for user choice. You can choose an appropriate capacity according to the approximate pull-off value range of different samples to be tested. A high-definition LCD screen with a backlight function can display the measured data in real-time. Two test modes of “PEAK” and “TRACK” are available for you to choose from.

It features 3 different force units, including lbf, kgf and N, which are selectable according to your preference. When the measured value is greater than the upper limit or less than the lower limit, a corresponding prompt will be displayed on the screen, and the machine will sound a buzzer alarm.

The pulling machine is configured with a built-in rechargeable battery. When the internal battery power is lower than the specified value, the machine will alarm, and the battery indicator on the display screen will keep flashing. At this time, you need to connect the AC adapter to the power supply to charge the gauge immediately. We will configure a specialized software and USB data cable for you to realize the real-time data transmission to the personal computer for a more intuitive display for you to view, analyze and store.

  • The lever-operated mechanism enables the pull action.

  • Ergonomic design and defined structure guarantee the stability and reliability of the instrument.

  • There is a wide range of capacities from 2 N to 1000 N for users to choose from.

  • The effective stroke is as long as 50 mm.

  • Has different measurement units: lbf, kgf, gf, Newton.

  • Equipped with an LCD on the gauge for data presentation.

  • The orientation of the value displayed on the screen can be inverted.

  • Supports “PEAK” and “TRACK” modes to measure the peak and real-time force values.

  • The real-time data can be transferred to the personal computer by USB for display, analysis, and storage.

  • It is available in alarm function of upper and lower limits of measured values.

  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery or an AC adaptor.

  • Flexible configurations of different grips are available to achieve versatile testing.

  • A calibration certificate based on ISO 17025 is optional.

The terminal end of the specimen is gripped in the stationary fixture, and the other end is fixed in the movable fixture, keeping the wire sample on the same horizontal axis and in a slightly taut state. The lever is pulled slowly to stretch the specimen until it breaks. The real-time force value is displayed on the screen, and the peak value is recorded as the pull force of the specimen.

Model                                                                                    AT-U2-51
Capacity 2 N 5 N 10 N 20 N 50 N 100 N 200 N 500 N 1000 N
Resolution 0.001 N 0.001 N 0.01 N 0.01 N 0.01 N 0.1 N 0.1 N 0.1 N 1 N
Accuracy                                                                                     <±1 F.S
Sampling Rate                                                                                    1000 times / s
Stroke                                                                                        50 mm
Three Units                                             N / lbf / gf                           Kfg / N / lbf
Fixtures A pair of fixtures
Dimension 450 mm × 100 mm × 130 mm
Weight About 11 kg
Accessories Adapter, Test software and USB cable

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