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1210, 2021

ASTM D2632 – Vertical Rebound Resilience Test Method and Instrument for Rubber

12/10/2021|Categories: Product Tests|

Rubber Rebound Resilience is a property of reversible deformation under the action of external force. As we know, rubber is a highly elastic polymer material. It is [...]

1305, 2021

Akron Abrasion Tester – Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Vulcanized Rubber

13/05/2021|Categories: Product Tests|

Request for Quotations Definition and Meaning The wear resistance of vulcanized rubber is expressed with the abrasion loss of the rubber sample under mechanical friction. This method is called [...]

2103, 2021

How to Test Water Vapour Permeability(WVP) of Leather Using Dynamic Method

21/03/2021|Categories: Product Tests|

Water vapour permeability of leather means the ability that the water vapour comes into the air whose humidity is lower than leather from the air whose humidity is higher through [...]

1303, 2021

How to Use Ball Burst Method to Measure Uppers Resistance to Damage(Distention and Strength of Leather Surface)

13/03/2021|Categories: Product Tests|

Leather of upper stretched tightly on the last or worn on the feet is not only subjected to tensile force from different directions, but also subjected to jacking force of [...]

403, 2021

How to Measure the Thickness of Leather with Leather Thickness Tester

04/03/2021|Categories: Product Tests|

Different types of leather have different requirements for thickness. For example, the thickness of general cowhide leather for vamp is 1.2mm-1.5mm, and sheepskin leather for upper is 0.6mm-0.9mm. Determining the [...]

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