Lithium Battery Test Chambers are used to simulate various extreme conditions such as crush, impact, penetration, overcharge, etc., the lithium-ion cells and batteries are subjected to during use, transportation, and storage. Test Items include Altitude Simulation test, Thermal test, Vibration test, Shock test, External Short Circuit test, Impact/Crush test, Penetration test, Overcharge and Discharge test, External Fire Exposure test, Dorp test, Internal Short Circuit test, Water Immersion test, Climatic Reliability test, Projectile test, which are based on the UN38.3, IEC62133, IEC62619, IEC 62660-2, ECE R100, UL1642, UL2580, EN50604, SAE J2464, UL1973 standards. These equipment are applicable to lithium-ion cells in cylindrical/Prismatic shapes, Polymer battery & Lithium battery modules, packs and systems.