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UTM universal testing machine

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UTM (Universal Testing Machine) is a widely used tensile / compressive strength measuring machine. It belongs to the electromechanical universal testing machine, working on testing mechanical properties of specimens through stretching, compressing, bending, shearing, etc. The UTM is one of the indispensable testing instruments in material development, quality control, teaching research, etc.

If classified according to the control method, the universal testing machine is divided into electronic touch screen control and computer control. This machine AT-U2001 is a touch screen controlled electromechanical testing machine. It can display various parameters in real time and output different curves at the same time during the test.

Applications of the UTM

The universal testing machine are mainly used for the tensile test & compression test.

  • Tensile Test: Two clamps holding both ends of the specimen separate each other at a constant velocity to measure the variation of the tensile values until the specimen is ruptured. It is applicable to the film tensile strength test, peel strength test, bottle cap drawing force test, rope pull strength test, etc.

  • Compression Test: The relative moving direction of the two fixtures is opposite to that of the tensile test. The specimen is subjected to a compression force at a constant speed. The compression values are reflected via a display device during the test. It is applicable to the sponge compression test, spring compression test, film penetration test, etc.

Essential Technical Parameters

Model AT-U2001
Capacity 500 N, 1000 N, 5000 N (optional)
Unit Exchange N, kN, kgf, gf, Ton, lbf
Load Cell Accuracy ± 1%
Force Resolution 0.01 N
Deformation Measurement Resolution 0.01 mm
Test Speed 5 mm / min ~ 500 mm / min
Test Travel 500 mm (exclude fixture) or customized
Control Mode/Display/Output Microprocessor + LCD touch screen
Stop Method By upper and low target force, target displacement, limit switch, emergency stop, specimen breaking sensing, etc.
Transmission Mode Stepper motor
Fixtures and Grips Fitted to customer’s test sample
Print Content Test speed, max. load, max elongation, tensile strength, curve, etc.
Dimension 600 mm × 500 mm × 1400 mm (W × D × H)
Weight Appr. 85 kg
Power Supply AC 220V,50 Hz,1 phase /AC 110 V, 60 Hz

Tensile Strength Measuring Machine Features

  • The single-column structure occupies a small space and is easy to operate.

  • The column is made of high-quality metal to ensure rigidity and toughness during the test.

  • Multiple capacities are available for selection.

  • High precision load cell and optical-electricity encoder are available in the machine to ensure the accuracy of test data.

  • Configured with a touch screen LCD for parameter set, control and data presentation.

  • Real-time parameters are supported to be displayed in curves.

  • Equipped with a built-in compact printer to print the test results.

  • Fitted with multiple protection devices such as the travel limit switch, overload protection device, and allows for the automatic stop once the specimen is fractured.

  • The fixtures are interchangeable to realize multiple test functions.

Hot to Buy a Right Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine

  • First of all, you have to estimate the load capacity required based on the specific testing material, which directly determines the sensor used and the structure you need to select. For general, If the test objects are flexible packaging materials, the tension range of tensile testing equipment up to 100 N is enough, and the single-column tester is a preferable choice. If a large capacity above one ton is applied to the test pieces, you must choose a twin-column universal tensile testing machine.

  • Secondly, you need to choose a suitable travel of the UTM. Generally, the standard travel of the machine can meet most of the testing needs. Our sales engineers will help you choose the range based on your samples. A machine with a travel distance from 1000 mm to 1200 mm is recommended if the specimen’s elongation is over 1000%.

  • Thirdly, you have to choose a proper control mode for the electromechanical universal testing machine based on practical demands. Generally, there are the computerized tensile testing machine and the digital display tensile testing machine for you to choose from. The digital display machine can meet all the basic testing demands. The computerized testing machine is preferred if more complex test procedures and analysis functions are required. The computerized testing machine connected to a PC is compatible with the Windows Operating System and controlled by professional software throughout the test. You are allowed to conveniently control and monitor the test by means of a computer. The computer monitor can output the real-time data and curve graphs containing load force versus displacement, load force versus time, displacement versus time, stress versus strain, etc. 

If you don’t know how to choose an electromechanical universal testing machine, don’t worry. Please tell us your request directly. AMADE TECH’s sales engineers will help you configure a satisfactory machine.

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