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Battery Drop Tester

UL 2054 Battery Free Fall Testing Machine China Supplier

Battery Drop Tester is intended to simulate the battery sample freely falling from different heights at different angles onto a concrete surface, metal plate or wood surface.

UL 2054 Drop Impact Test Conditions

  1. The test batteries are tested at an ambient temperature of (20 ± 5)℃.
  2. Three samples are dropped from the height of 1 meter, impacting a concrete surface in free fall.
  3. Each test sample is to be dropped by three times.

IEC 62133 Free Fall Test Conditions

  1. A fully charged cell or battery drops three times from the height of 1 meter onto a concrete or metal floor.
  2. The cell or battery is dropped in random orientations, allowing the edge, angle or face of the sample to strike on the floor.
  3. The determination is in terms of test standards: No fire, no explosion or no leakage are acceptable.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L5012
Maximum Weight of Test Piece 3 kg ± 100 g
Drop Height 300 ~ 1500 mm (adjustable)
Height Display Accuracy 1 mm
Drop Height Display PLC and touch screen, minimum indication: 1 mm
Control Mode Drop height setting, drop, rise and other actions are controlled by the PLC controller
Clamping Method Pneumatic
Lift Method Electric lifting
Drop Mode Automatic fall
Drop Floor Material Concrete board, wood board or metal board
Drop Angle Multi-angles (edge, angle, face)

Features of Battery Drop Tester

  • This battery testing machine is a closed stainless steel chamber, which can ensure the operator’s safety and surrounding equipment (In case the battery catches fire or explodes).
  • The test chamber is separated from the controller to ensure the absolute security of the operator during the test.
  • The machine adopts a special pneumatic clamp to hold the battery sample firmly.
  • Falling height is adjustable within the range of 300 mm ~ 1500 mm.
  • The machine automatically adjusts the height and adopts an encoder to automatically monitor the height with high accuracy of error ≤ ± 2 mm.
  • There is a transparent inspection window on the door of the equipment. A light is installed in the testing room to facilitate the observation of the test situation inside the chamber.
  • The exhaust fan is available at the back of the chamber, and a duct is reserved for easy connection to the exhaust system of the laboratory.

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