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Explosion-proof battery test chambers

Lithium-ion Battery Safety Test Chamber China Supplier & Manufacturer

Lithium-ion battery explosion-proof test chamber is mainly used for overcharge, and over-discharge (forced discharge) tests on lithium-ion cells, lithium-ion battery modules, or battery packs. It can effectively resist the pressure generated by the explosion of the failed cells/batteries during the test.

At the same time, it can reduce and avoid the adverse influence of the high temperature after the burn of a single battery on other testing cells or batteries.

The battery explosion-proof test chamber is widely used in battery research and development, quality inspection, and safety performance certification.

The inner and outer materials of the explosion-proof chamber are solid steel plates with enough thickness and strength to protect surrounding people or equipment from harm in the event of battery fire or explosion.

The explosion-proof chamber can be a single chamber and multiple cells that are customized, capable of accommodating multiple single cells or batteries for overcharge and over-discharge tests simultaneously.

Each cell of our standard lithium-ion battery explosion-proof test chamber is configured with the wire hole, exhaust fan, pressure relief opening, explosion-proof door lock, and explosion-proof chain.

You are also available in selecting and configuring apparatuses for gas detection, smoke detection, video surveillance, or fire extinguishing according to the hazard level.

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Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L5003
Standard Dimension for the Inner Chamber 500 mm × 500 mm × 500 mm (Supports customization for other sizes)
Standard configurations included
  • Observation window
  • Cable holes
  • Exhaust fan
  • Pressure relief port
  • Explosion-proof chains
  • Explosion-proof Lamps
Optional Safety Accessories
  • Smoke detector
  • gas detector
  • CO2 dry powder extinguisher for fire suppression and water spraying system
  • Video monitoring system

 Explosion-proof Battery Test Chambers AMADE TECH Provides

AMADE TECH is able to supply but not limited to the following explosion-proof battery test chambers. 

Both standard and custom models are available.

Please get in touch with us and send your requirements for acquiring free quotation.

Single-cell explosion-proof battery test chamber

Single-cell explosion-proof battery test chamber

Vertical 2-in-1 explosion-proof battery test chamber

Vertical 2-in-1 explosion-proof battery test chamber

1CBM Explosion proof battery test chamber

Explosion-proof battery test chamber for battery pack

Horizontal 2-in-1 explosion-proof battery test chamber

2-in-1 explosion-proof test chamber for battery packs

Explosion-proof battery test chamber with fire extinguishers

Explosion-proof battery test chamber with fire extinguishers

8-in-1 exposion-proof battery test chamber

8-in-1 explosion-proof battery test chamber

30-in-1 explosion-proof battery test chamber

30-in-1 explosion-proof battery test chamber

Applications of Explosion-proof Battery Test Chambers

The explosion-proof battery test chambers produced by AMADE TECH can be applied to various types of batteries for overcharge and over-discharge tests, such as single cells (cylindrical, square, etc.), battery modules, and battery packs.

18650 cylindrical cells

18650 cylindrical cells

Prismatic lithium-ion batteries

Prismatic lithium-ion batteries

Polymer Lithium ion battery

Polymer Li-Ion batteries

Lithium-ion battery module

Lithium-ion battery module

Safety Features of Explosion-proof Battery Test Chambers

Door lock of explosion proof battery test chamber

Door Lock

  • Perfectly integrated into the explosion-proof test chamber.
  • The lever principle is adopted to make the opening and closing of the door easier.
  • Push the handle clockwise to open and continue to turn the handle until the hook slides out of the seat to open the door.

Explosion-proof Chain

  • Suppose the pressure generated by the explosion of the battery in the chamber bursts open the door. In that case, the chain on the door frame can allow the door to open partially, which plays the role of secondary buffering and protection.
  • Made of precision steel to guarantee enough structural strength for resisting impact force.
  • It can be conveniently connected and removed by buckling the ring at the end of the chain.
Explosion-proof chain of battery test chamber
Pressure relief port of battery explosion-proof chamber

Pressure Relief Port

  • We specially designed a pressure relief port allowing the explosion-proof chamber to buffer the shock wave generated at the moment of the explosion to minimize the impact of pressure on equipment.
  • Due to the different pressures generated by the explosion of different batteries, we will also design different sizes of pressure relief ports according to different situations.

Cable Hole

  • A round hole with a diameter of 50 mm or a diameter of 100 mm is available on the left or right side of the explosion-proof chamber to facilitate the passage of various test cables during the test.
  • It helps you in monitoring and recordding real-time parameters such as battery temperature, battery voltage, and AC impedance.
Cable hole of battery explosion-proof test chamber
exhaust fan of explosion-proof battery test chamber

Exhaust Fan

  • A circular exhaust fan is at the rear of the explosion-proof chamber.
  • During the battery overcharge or over-discharge test, the leaked gas can be discharged from the cabinet through the exhaust fan to reduce the flammable gas in the chamber.
  • The exhaust fan also extracts the smoke generated after the battery catches fire or explodes.

Observation Window

  • The door is equipped with a transparent glass for better observation on samples during the test.
  • Made of tempered glass to ensure the enough strength to withstand explosion.
  • Coupled with wire meshes to better protect surrounding people and objects.
Observation window of explosion proof battery test chamber 1
smoke detector of explosion-proof battery test chamber

Smoke Detector

  • Capable of detecting smoke inside the chamber.
  • This alarm indicates that the battery under test is thermal runaway and likely to burst into flames.
  • Be ready to put out the fire once it rings.

Gas Detector

  • Capable of detecting leaked gases such as H2,CO, C2H4, etc. from the batteries.
  • The alarm indicates the possibility of fire or explosion.

Fire extinguishing device

  • Fitted with a CO2 dry powder extinguisher to suppress flames.
  • Coupled with water spraying apparatus to continuously cool the failed batteries.

Video Monitoring Apparatus

  • The chamber is equipped with a high-definition camera to ensure a clear picture.
  • The test process can be remotely monitored to ensure personnel safety.

FAQ on Explosion-proof Battery Test Chambers

An explosion-proof battery test chamber is a safety container specially used for battery overcharge and over-discharge tests of cells and batteries. The battery/cell is placed inside the chamber throughout the test. You can think of it as an iron box with sufficient impact resistance to limit the adverse effects to a predetermined small space to protect the operator and surrounding equipment when the battery explodes.

A physical box capable of withstanding explosive shock and insulating smoke and harmful gases accommodates the sample battery to complete the overcharge or over-discharge test.

Battery overchage and over-discharge testing

The appearance of the explosion-proof battery test chamber looks simple, and its structure is not complicated. It is mainly composed of the following plates:

  • Inner box: Made of 304 stainless steel sheets.
  • Outer box: Made of cold-rolled sheets and treated by baking varnish.
  • Chamber Door: Connected to the frame by solid hinges and configured with double-layer vacuum tempered glass and heat-resisting sealing strips. Metal chains can act as a buffer against explosive shock once the battery explodes.
  • Pressure Relief Port: When there is a strong airflow in the box, the pressure generated at the moment of battery explosion can be discharged through the pressure relief port.
  • Exhaust System: The vent is connected to the laboratory’s powerful exhaust duct. It is controlled individually. When the test sample produces smoke, start the exhaust system to quickly discharge the smoke out of the box with the help of the exhaust fan.
  • Lighting System: Equipped with an explosion-proof lamp.
  • Gas or smoke detection device (optional)
  • Fire extinguishing device (optional)
  • Video surveillance device (optional)

Lithium-ion batteries have been proven to be a reliable energy storage device, especially for consumer electronics and electric vehicle (EV) applications, due to their long lifespan, high energy density, and low energy-saving pollution.

However, abusive handling and use in extreme environments can affect battery life and even create safety concerns. It is difficult to maintain the same SOC for each cell due to the different capacity variations in the battery pack.

Thus, overcharge or forced discharge may occur when the battery pack is used. It requires Li-ion batteries to be tested to study their response to overcharge and response to over-discharge conditions, trying to establish early prevention methods of battery failure to ensure the safety of battery applications.

Hazard Ranking Phenomenon Judgement criteria & effect
0 Nought Without loss in functionality
1 Passive protection is activated The battery is reversibly impaired and needs to be repaired
2 Damaged The battery is irreversibly impaired and needs to be repaired
3 Minor leakage with electrolyte eruption Electrolyte loss in weight is less than 50%
4 Severe leakage with electrolyte eruption Electrolyte loss in weight is more than 50%
5 Rupture No explosion, but the inside of the cell is exposed
6 Fire or flame No explosion
7 Explosion Explosion (completely destroyed)

Sure. We can supply different types of battery clamps for use in our explosion-proof test chambers.

Please tell us the style and picture of your battery under test.

We will configure the corresponding fixture to assist you in completing the battery test.

For example, the picture below is a cylindrical battery discharge test fixture.

Test fixture of cylindrical cell overcharge and forced discharge tests

  • First of all, starting from selecting raw materials, the steels we use are strictly quality tested and certified. High-quality materials ensure that the battery test chamber has sufficient impact resistance, which is the basis of quality. All spare parts are also strictly screened to ensure the entire product’s high strength, ease of use, durability, and stability. For example, the door lock we use is a national patented product.
  • Second, reliable quality is also inseparable from excellent manufacturing processes. From material cutting, sheet metal processing, welding, painting, assembly, and debugging, we pay close attention to every step of the production process to ensure that every piece of equipment we deliver has stable quality.

Of course. We are willing to take orders tailored to the demands of individuals.

You need to advise us of your requirements like desired size and functionality to be implemented. We will produce it as per your idea.

Or you tell us your test intent, and then our sales engineers will propose solutions for your reference. Finally, after discussing with you, we will select an appropriate solution to satisfy your testing target.

  • First, send us an inquiry, and our system will assign a sales engineer to establish contact with you.
  • Inform the sales of your requirements on chamber size, optional configurations, voltage, etc.
  • Our sales will make a complete quotation sheet and product literature and send them to you for review.
  • Continue to discuss and communicate between us on more technical details and requirements if necessary.
  • Send us a PO if every detail on the product, price, shipment, and delivery time are finalized.
  • Our sales will issue a PI to enable you to arrange the advance payment.
  • After getting your advance payment, we will release your order into the production process.
  • We will inform you to pay the balance when the goods are ready.
  • We will ship the cargo by the agreed shipping method.
  • Our after-sales team will provide directions on use and maintenance after you receive the test chamber.ordering stetps of explosion-proof battery test chamber
  1. Place the explosion-proof battery test chamber on a solid level floor and position it where at least 60 cm away from the wall.
  2. Connect to a corresponding power listed on the nameplate adhered to the machine. Pay attention to the safety of electricity to avoid other unnecessary accidents. (The ground wire must be required.)
  3. Press down the power switch on the machine.
  4. Open the door and place the sample battery(batteries) into the chamber.
  5. Allow the cables connecting the sample battery(batteries) and the charge-discharge tester to pass through the test hole(s) on one side(or both sides) of the chamber.
  6. Close the door and fasten the protective chain of battery explosion test chamber.
  7. Start up the test and press the lighting switch to illuminate the interior of the chamber for better visual observation of the battery state.
  8. In case of smoking or explosion, press the Exhaust switch to activate the exhaust fan to discharge the smoke.
  9. Take the sample battery(batteries) out of the chamber after testing is over, and clean up the chamber.
  • Place this machine in a long-term well-ventilated location.
  • Always keep the inside and outside of the chamber clean except for use.
  • Disconnect the power supply when not in use.
  • It is forbidden to place flammable and explosive products around the machine.
  • Do not put it in a humid place, and do not directly wash it with water.

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