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Battery Projectile Test Machine

Battery Burning Tester China Manufacturer

Battery Projectile Testing Machine is used for the determination of flame resistance of lithium-ion batteries or cells. It complies with the standards of UL 1642 and UL2054.

Lithium-ion battery or cell is placed on the wire mesh located on a circular hole of 102mm (4 inches) in diameter. The wire mesh is placed about 38mm above the burner. The enclosure of the test piece is fenced with an octagonal aluminum mesh. The test piece is heated on the wire mesh until an explosion occurs or the lithium-ion battery or cell is ignited and burned out.

Test Results

Stop burning the lithium-ion batteries or cells If any one of the below three situations happens:

  • batteries or cells are exploded.
  • Test pieces are burned out to nothing.
  • There are no explosion and fire when the set time for burning is reached.

Test Standards

  • UL 1642 Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Standard for Safety-Lithium Batteries
  • UL2054 Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Standard for Safety-Household and Commercial Batteries

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L5009
Burner Bunsen burner, nozzle’s diameter: 9.5 mm, length: 100 mm
Flame Time 0 ~ 9,999 s / m / h adjustable
Test Hole Diameter 102 mm (4 inch)
Test Mesh Sieve A stainless steel wire with a diameter of 0.43 mm (0.017 inch) was woven into a mesh containing 20 mesh screens per inch
Controller Remote control for ignition, and the test process is automatically controlled
Distance of Remote control No barrier, 7 meters
Distance Between the Burner and the Screen 38 mm
Octagonal Cage‘s Width The distance between opposite sides: 24 ” (610 mm), and the octagonal cage is easy to be replaced and disassembled
Octagonal Cage’s Height 12 ” (305 mm)
Octagonal Cage’s Material Made of aluminum wire with a diameter of 0.01 inch (0.25mm), containing 16 ~ 18 wires per inch
Observation Window Equipped with a tempered glass observation window, size 200 × 200 mm, thickness in 10.0 mm.
Exhaust Device The exhaust fan is at the top, and it reserve a port for external exhaust pipe. It can discharge the smoke quickly
Burning Gas Methane or Liquefied petroleum gas

Flue and air flow are adjustable

Power Supply 1∮,220 V,50 / 60 Hz,
Power 0.75 kW
Weight Appr. 350 kg


  1. The material of the inner chamber is SUS304 stainless steel and the surface is pasted with Teflon for excellent insulation performance.
  2. The outer part is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates with special treatment.
  3. The test chamber and controller are separate to each other. Start burning and stop burning by remote control.
  4. The test chamber owns double layers. The upper layer is the test zone. The Bunsen burner’s adjustment device for flame height is mounted at the lower layer.
  5. The timer is mounted on the controller.
  6. An explosion-proof window made of a toughened glass is located on the door, which is easy to observe the testing situation inside the box throughout the test.
  7. High temperature-resistant silicone strips are used for excellent sealing performance.
  8. A High-power extraction fan is connected to the exhaust on the machine for quick discharge of fume under the help of the exhaust fan during the test.
  9. A ventilator is turned on by default during the test. It also can be manually controlled by users.
  10. A controller is used to control the burning time, ignition, start and stop, which is separated from the chamber, to better protect operators.
  11. Castors are available at the bottoms of both the testing chamber and controller for convenient movement.

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