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battery temperature test chamber

Environmental Chamber for Battery Testing

Lithium battery test chambers are usually divided into the battery temperature test chamber and the explosion-proof test chamber.

Both are the most commonly used battery testing equipment. They are used for high temperature or low-temperature resistance tests of lithium cells, modules, or battery packs and also suitable for storage batteries for charge and discharge cycle tests and over-charge and forced discharge tests.

For the thermal chamber for battery cell testing, users can select the temperature range and its heating or cooling rate, as well as through predicting the level of hazard that may occur to the battery during the test to select the proper safety protection device. Amadetech is able to provide single-layer or multiple-layer chambers. Even the quantity of the inner chamber for one piece of equipment can be customized based on the actual needs.

Amadetech is also able to provide various lithium battery safety testing equipment, and personalized solutions according to different test scenarios.

battery anti-explosion test chamber

Test Standards

The following are commonly used lithium battery test standards. They cover a series of determinations of safety performance, environmental reliability, foreseeable abuse, traffic and transportation safety. There are test projects such as thermal cycling test, altitude simulation test, thermal test, vibration test, shock test, external short circuit test, impact/crush test, penetration test, overcharge and discharge test, external fire exposure test, drop test, internal short circuit test, water immersion test, projectile test.

  • IEC 62133-2 Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applications – parts: Lithium systems
  • UN/DOT 38.3 UN Lithium ion battery test requirements T1~T8
  • IEC 62660-2 Reliability and abuse testing for secondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles
  • IEC 62619 Safety requirements for secondary lithium cells and batteries for use in industrial applications
  • UL 1642 Standard for safety Lithium Batteries
  • UL 2054 Household and commercial batteries
  • UL 2580 Batteries for use in EV
  • SAE J2464 Electric and Hybrid electric Vehicle Rechargeable Energy storage system safety and abuse testing
  • ECE R100 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to specific requirements for the electric power train
  • UL 1973 Batteries for use in stationary, Vehicle Auxiliary Power and Light Electric Rail (LER) Applications
  • EN 50604 General safety requirements and test methods: Secondary lithium batteries for light EV applications


The Level of Hazard That May Occur to Lithium Batteries Under Extreme Test Conditions

Level Description
0 No effect, no loss of function
1 Passive protection activated, reversibly damaged, repair of protection device needed
2 Defect or damage, irreversibly damaged
3 Leakage, weight loss<50% of electrolyte weight
4 Venting, weight loss≥50% of electrolyte weight
5 Fire or Flame, burn, no flying parts
6 Rupture, flying parts
7 Explosion, disintegration of battery

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L5011 Series (with temperature control function) AT-L5003  Series(without temperature control function)
Capacity 80 L, 150 L, 225 L, 408 L, 800 L, 1000 L 200 x 200 x 200 mm, 500 x 500 x 500 mm or larger, customization is available
Temperature Range 1. RT (Ambient temperature)

2. (0 – 150)℃

3. (-40 – +150)℃

4. (-70 – +150)℃

Temperature Resolution 0.01℃               /
Temperature Fluctuation ≤ ± 0.5℃               /
Temperature Uniformity ≤ ± 2℃               /
Heating Rate 3℃ / min or greater (Nonlinear no-load) or user-specified               /
Cooling Rate 1℃ / min or greater (Nonlinear no-load) or user-specified               /
Type of Cooling Air-cooled               /
Power Supply 1 Phase AC 220 V, AC 380 V, 50 / 60 Hz or specified
Safety Device / Auxiliary Functions Independent product temperature limit protection

Explosion-proof heater

CO and Combustible gas monitoring

Water spray for cooling and extinguishing

Smoke discharge and pressure relief port

Sound-light alarm

Reinforced door latch

Explosion-proof hinge

Insulated shelves

etc., or specified by users

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