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Battery Thermal Abuse Test Chamber

Battery Thermal Shock Test Chamber China Supplier

Battery Thermal Abuse Test Chamber is intended to conduct a molded case stress test at high temperature, thermal abuse test and also can be used as an explosion-proof chamber for short circuit tests.

Moulded Case Stress Test at High Temperature

The battery or the battery pack, which is fully charged, is placed into the chamber at the temperature of 70 ± 2℃ to test for 7 hours, then remove the test piece from the machine and cool to ambient room temperature. Determination is qualified if the enclosure of the battery has no physical deformation which causes the interior to be exposed.

Thermal Abuse (Shock) Test

Each charged cell is placed in the oven in natural convection or forced ventilation. The temperature inside the chamber rises at an average heating rate of 5 ± 2℃ per min to 130 ± 2℃, keeping for half an hour. The operator takes it out, cooling it to the ambient temperature. No explosion or no catching fire is determined as an eligible product.

Design Principle

The machine has a built-in forced air circulation. The air source is driven by the circulating motor to drive the wind wheel through the electric heater. The hot air is sent from the air duct to the inside of the oven, thereby reducing energy loss and ensuring temperature uniformity in the oven. When the door opening and closing actions cause disturbances, The air circulation system helps restore the temperature value of the operating state. There are air inlets and outlets. The air circulation is smooth, and the air change is fast to prevent the concentration of combustible gas is too high to cause spontaneous combustion and explosion.

Test Standards

IEC62133, UL1642, UL2054, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L5004
Temperature Range RT ~200 ° C
Temperature Display Accuracy ± 0.1 °C
Temperature Uniformity ± 2 ° C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Heating Rate (5 ± 2)℃ / min (non-linear no-load, adjustable heating rate)
Inner Box Size: 500 × 600 × 500 mm (W × H × D)
Outer Box Size: 850 × 1200 × 1000 mm (W × H × D)
Temperature Controller Programmable temperature controller for controlling total temperature-rise time |  segmented control program
Inner Box Material SUS# 304 first-grade stainless steel
Outer Box Material Cold-rolled steel plates with painting treatment
Thermal Insulation Material High-efficiency compression glass wool
Observation Window Double tempered glass observation window
Safety Protection Devices No fuse switch, over temperature protection switch, porcelain fuse, first over temperature alarm
Smoke Exhaust Design Equipped with an exhaust fan and an external duct, easy to connect to high power exhaust system in lab
Explosion-proof Vent Design Located on one side of the equipment, and the insulation layer is made of soft aluminum foil and glass wool.

After relieving pressure, the pressure relief vent automatically returns to original position

Controller Automatically turn on the time meter after the temperature reaches the set temperature, cut off the heating power after the time arrives, with buzzer prompt
Temperature Cycle Blower cycle with a high power fan
Explosion-proof Door Lock Stainless steel explosion-proof door lock, and additional chain lock for secondary protection
Power Supply AC 220V ± 10﹪, 50 Hz, 18 A
Power 4 kW

Thermal Abuse Test Chamber Features

  1. The shell is made of cold-rolled steel, and the interior is made of stainless steel. The middle part is filled with thermal insulation material.
  2. Thickened tempered glass is used for the inspection window. It is also helpful in counteracting the destructive power in case of an explosion.
  3. The explosion-proof door lock is adopted to offer safe testing circumstances.
  4. An explosion-proof port is located on the side of the chamber, which can effectively discharge and automatically recover in a battery explosion.
  5. Equipped with K-type temperature sensor. It has temperature measuring advantages of good linearity, high sensitivity, good stability and uniformity.
  6. The cable hole on the test chamber is available.
  7. Temperature control is based on PID microcomputer auto calculation, and intelligent temperature control meter, PV and SV can be displayed simultaneously. The targeted temperature either can be set freely based on the operator’s will or can calculate automatically to get an appropriate temperature control parameter through the system in the meter, capable of setting 30 segments of procedure to control temperature rising speed.
  8. The current controller adopts SSR solid state relay without connection point and spark phenomenon, ensuring safety and high stability of current. The output ratio of the signal can be adjustable automatically by a temperature controller.
  9. The timer is displayed by LED, with automatic temperature control for full time. The power is off once the time is up. The machine starts working when the actual temperature PV value reaches the set temperature SV value. Electric heater and power are cut off, and alarm occurs automatically when timer value reaches the set value of the timer.
  10. Different safety devices are available, including no fuse switch, over-temperature-protection switch, porcelain fuse, MCCB overload protection, etc.

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