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Plastic Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine

Plastics Dumbbell Sampling Miller China Supplier

Plastics Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine is an efficiently motor-driven sample-making machine for Plastic dumbbells or other shapes. It features a precision milling cutter on the working platform, utilizing mechanical transmission theory to convert the rotational motion to linear motion with the help of corresponding fixtures. The workblank sample is mounted in a fixture and clamped firmly. Then operator holds the fixture allowing the edge to get close and touch the rotating milling cutter to follow the contour of the sample to move slowly for carrying out sampling. A vacuum cleaner sucks residues during the cutting course.

It is applicable to the sampling of dumbbell or rectangle fabricated from various semi-hard, rigid plastics and other non-metallic, for example, the sampling of determination of heat deflection temperature and Vicat softening temperature. Customization of fixture can also be accepted here.

Test Standards

ISO 6259-2
ISO 6259-3
ISO 527-2
GB/T 8804
GB/T 1040, etc.

Dumbbell sampling

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6010-A
Diameter of milling cutter 30 mm
Rotating speed of cutter 2800 cpm
Dimension of worktable 400 mm × 400 mm
Thickness of specimen 1-12 mm
Weight 30 kg
Power supply 220V±10%, 50Hz

Dumbbell Sample Milling Machine Features

  • The table board is made of precision steel to ensure enough smoothness and toughness.
  • The material of the milling cutter is special steel with high hardness and strong wear resistance.
  • The relative position between the milling cutter and sample can be adjustable at will during use.
  • The target shape of sampling depends on the fixture layout, so different specimen shapes are procurable.
  • The machine can be used repeatedly, without calibration of cutter repetitively.
  • It helps users improve their work efficiency and reduce the waste of materials.
  • A vacuum cleaner is equipped for cleaning the debris during cutting If needed.

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