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Heat Deflection Temperature Tester & Vicat Softening Temperature Tester Manufacturer

HDT / VICAT Testing Machine is a dual-purpose tester used to determine the heat deflection temperature of plastics under load and VICAT softening temperature of thermoplastic materials. This plastics testing machine is designed to suit the high-speed development of the plastics industry and enhance the research and development of non-metallic materials.

HTD is the temperature at which the deflection of the test specimen under load reaches the standard deflection while the temperature is raised at a uniform rate. VST (VICAT) is the temperature at which a flat-ended needle penetrates the specimen to a depth of 1 mm under a specified load.

Test Principle of Heat Deflection Temperature

A test piece in specified size placed in a heating bath is subjected to three-point bending under a constant load in the flatwise or the edgewise position to generate one of the flexural stresses. The temperature is lifted at an even rate, and the temperature at which the deflection corresponding to the specified increase in flexural strain happens is measured.

Heat Deflection Temperature Test Principle
Vicat Softening Temperature Test Principle

Test Principle of VICAT Softening Temperature

A standard test piece is mounted into the machine and placed in the heating bath filled with liquid. Under a prescribed force normal to the test piece, a standard indenter penetrates 1 mm into the surface of a test piece while the temperature is heated at a given rate. The temperature in degrees Celsius at which the penetration is 1 mm is called the Vicat softening temperature (VST).

Test Standards

ISO2507, ISO306, ATM D1525, ISO75, ASTM D648, GBT8802, GB/T1633-2000, GB/T1634-2004, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6009
Test Stations 3
Temperature Range of Control & Measurement RT to 300℃
Test Method HDT and VICAT
Heating Rate VICAT

120℃ / hr (12 ± 1℃ / 6 min)

50℃ / hr (5 ± 0.5℃ / 6 min)

HDT: 2 ± 0.2℃ / min

Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Maximum Error of Temperature 0.5℃
Deflection Measuring Sensor Digital indicator
Deflection / Penetration Measuring Range Range: 0.001 ~ 5 mm
Deformation Resolution 0.001 mm
Adjustable Span for HDT Test 60 mm ~ 120 mm
Stirring System Vortex stirrer, Electric motor is utilized to facilitate evenness during stirring
Heating Medium Methyl silicone oil or transformer oil (preferably low viscosity)
Cooling Method Water Cooling or Nature cooling
Vicat Loading 10 N ± 0.2 N, 50 N ± 1 N
HDT test 1.80 Mpa, 0.45 Mpa, 8.00 Mpa
Heating Power 4 kW
Supply Power 220 V±10% / 50 ~ 60 Hz / 20 A or Specified

HDT VICAT Tester Features

  • Heat Deflection Temperature test and VICAT Softening Temperature test can be conducted at the same time.
  • The load mass required by the test can be calculated after inputting the dimension of the specimen.
  • Equipped with high precision micrometers to ensure the accurate measurement of displacement.
  • The lifting of the sample rack is powered by a motor and controlled by a button, which is convenient for replacing samples.
  • Water cooling and nature cooling are available.
  • Configured with professional test software with a user-friendly operation interface, enabling the automation of the operation.
  • Ceiling temperature and deformation are set freely within the usage range, and deviations are corrected by the software automatically.
  • The color and thickness of the testing curve can be set arbitrarily, chosen to be displayed or hidden at any time.
  • Automatically alarms and stops heating when testing is completed or reaches the upper limit.
  • After the test, graphs and reports can be printed, and history records can be queried.

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