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halogen moisture analyzer

Halogen Moisture Meter China Supplier

Halogen Moisture Analyzer is used to determine the free water content of specimens. It is configured with a high-precision weighing sensor and halogen lamp heating device with high efficiency to achieve the rapid and accurate measurement of the moisture.

The halogen moisture analyzer is widely used in various fields such as plastics, grain, feed, powder, tobacco, paper, food (dehydrated vegetable, meat, noodles, flour, biscuit, pie, aquatic products processing), tea, beverage, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical, textile, etc. It is capable of quickly detecting the free moisture in the sample.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6018-610A AT-P6018-720A AT-P6018-100A
Measuring Range(g) 0.005 ~ 120 0.001 ~ 120 0.0001 ~ 120

(standard deviation)

> 10 g ± 0.01% ± 0.001%
> 2 g ± 0.05% ± 0.005%
Operation Temperature Room temperature
Calibration Method Temperature Calibration, External weights calibration
Scale Pan Size Diameter 90 mm
Pre-heating Time 20 ~ 30 min
Baud Rate (Options) 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
Display LCD
Heating Temperature Range (℃) 40℃ ~ 160℃
Setting Time 0 ~ 99 minutes, interval 1 minute
Result Display Moisture content, Solid content, Weight after drying, Temperature,

Moisture content diagram

Drying Process Standard heating
Stop Method Automatic stop, Manual stop, Timing stop
Communication Interface Therm printing(Can print moisture value, solid content directly)

Equipped RS 232 (Can be connected to printer, PC or other devices)

Power Supply AC 220V or 110V
Machine Overall Dimension L 310 x W 205 x H 200 mm

Halogen Moisture Meter Features

  1. The heating chamber is made of stainless steel, high temperature resistant and easy to clean.
  2. It replaces the oven, having an extensive range of use, suitable for various industries of moisture measurement.
  3. This halogen moisture analyzer does not need installation, debugging, training and a complicated procedure during use.
  4. Characterized by simple operation, short detection time, high efficiency.
  5. Owns Precise load cell, high measurement accuracy, long service life and stable performance.
  6. The unique windproof cover design makes the weighing system more stable.
  7. The annular halogen lamp is heated to make the sample heated more evenly.
  8. Advanced humidity control system is used to avoid interference caused by free moisture.
  9. Unique temperature-controlled heating system makes the test more accurate.
  10. Equipped with an LCD for real-time moisture diagram display, and it also can display time, temperature, solid content, etc.
  11. Automatic measurement is available: The operator doesn’t need to take care of the test process, and the machine will alarm after the measurement is completed.
  12. Equipped with an RS232 communication interface, which can be connected to the printer or computer.

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