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Plastic Melting point tester

Melting Point Testing Machine China Manufacturer

Melting Point Tester is used to determine the temperature at which the substance changes from a solid-state to a liquid state. The melting point testing machine is suitable for the plastic high-temperature melting test. In the field of organic chemistry, Melting point determination is the basic means to identify the property of substances and a vital method to assess the purity of substances, so it is an essential instrument for the production of drugs, perfumes, dyes and other organic crystal substances.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6011
Testing Range of Melting Point R.T ~ 350℃
Temperature Accuracy ±1.0℃ (≦100℃)

±0.5℃ (≦200℃)

±1.0℃ (≦350℃)

Heating Rate 3.5℃ / min ~ 5℃ / min Adjustable
Operating Language English
Volume 40 × 25 × 30 cm
Power supply 220V AC±10% 50Hz or Specified

Plastics Melting Point Tester Features

  • The mainframe is made of precision steel and coated with corrosion and rust-resistant paint.
  • Configured with PID control, coupled with the use of high precision temperature sensor.
  • It is with high measuring accuracy for melting point.
  • Equipped with a digital screen for temperature control and monitoring.
  • The testing span of melting point can be as high as 300℃.
  • The plain structure facilitates easy operation and maintenance.

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