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Glow Wire Tester

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Glow Wire Tester uses simulation technology to evaluate the fire hazard of thermal stress caused by heat sources such as glowing components or overload resistance in a short time.

Plastic insulation materials or other solid combustible materials that are easy to spread flames inside the equipment may ignite due to the glow wire or hot components. Under certain conditions, such as fault current flowing through the wire, component overload, and poor contact, some components will reach a certain temperature and cause nearby parts to ignite. In the product development stage, people need a means to understand in advance the reliability of certain materials applied to specific locations and determine the specific hazards when burning occurs. This glow wire test chamber was born to help solve these problems. It is suitable for electronic equipment and its components and parts, as well as solid electrical insulating materials or other solid combustible materials such as plastics and rubber.

Test Principle

A standard glow wire loop in the test chamber is heated to a specified temperature. A sample mounted into the movable carriage moves along the guide rails at a prescribed speed toward the glow wire until vertically touching the tip of it. Under the pulling force of the two weights, the sample exerts a fixed lateral force against the glow wire tip and limits the depth of penetration of the specimen surface to at least 7 mm. During the test, test temperature, ignition time, flame extinction time and glow wire time can be measured one by one.

Glow Wire Test Standards

IEC 60695-2-10, ASTM D6194, UL 746 A, VDE 0620, GB/T 5169, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6013
Interior Dimension 60 × 95 × 90 cm (D × W × H), 0.5 m³
Glow Wire Nickel chrome wire
Glow Wire Temperature RT ~ 1100℃  adjustable
Temperature controller Intelligent temperature control meter, accuracy: ±0.5℃
Temperature tolerance (500~750)℃±5℃, (750~1000)℃±10℃
Diameter of the Glow Wire 4.0 mm
Temperature Measuring Device Thermocouple of type K (Ni/Cr-Ni/Al), dia. 0.5 mm, with armored sheath to withstand temperature -40 ~ 1050℃
Heating Current 120 A ~ 150 A for 960℃
Heating time 0 ~ 9999s adjustable
Glow wire applied time(Ta) 0 ~ 99m99s, accuracy 0.1s (Normal 30s)
Time of ignition (Ti) 0 ~ 99m99s, accuracy 0.1s
Time of flame extinguish (Te) 0 ~ 99 m 99 s, accuracy 0.1 s
Penetration Depth of Specimen 7 mm
Force Applied to Specimen 1 N
Test Speed 10mm / s – 25mm / s adjustable
Control mode Automatic control system. After the test starts, the device clamping the sample automatically transport it to the glow wire, and return automatically after reaching the set time.
Pine wood board Thickness 10mm, located at a distance of 200mm below the glow wire tip
Test Background Black background
Dimension 60 × 120 × 105 mm
Power Supply 220V, 50 Hz or Specified

Glow Wire Tester Features

  • Made of high-precision stainless steel to ensure the structural rigidity, heat and corrosion resistance can meet the test requirements.
  • This testing machine has an automatic control system: After the test starts, the device clamping the sample will automatically move to the glow wire, and it will return automatically after reaching the set time.
  • The door is equipped with transparent tempered glass to enable operators to observe the testing state during the test.
  • The lighting device is installed inside the chamber for convenient specimen mounting operation and inspection.
  • The glow wire is made from nickel and chromium with 4 mm in diameter, with fast heating speed.
  • The diameter 0.5 mm type K sheathed fine-wire thermo-couple is applied, capable of withstanding a high temperature of 1050℃.
  • Two types of control panels, including physical buttons and an LCD touch screen, are optional for users.
  • The test temperature, ignition time, flame extinction time and glow wire time can be measured.
  • The instrument is equipped with a particular fan to exhaust toxic and harmful gases after each test.

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