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Falling Ball Impact Tester China Manufacturer

Ball Drop Impact Tester is a testing machine used to determine the firmness of plastics, ceramic, acrylic materials, glass and other materials or coatings.

This falling ball impact tester adopts the electromagnetic control mode that the steel ball is automatically sucked tightly at the end of the transverse lifting arm. The specimen in specified size is mounted into the machine. A steel ball of specified weight falls freely from a prescribed height by pressing the drop button on the control box to impact the surface of the specimen. The specimen is examined by naked eyes for its appearance and various performance. The drop height can be adjusted up and down in compliance with different requirements, and a height scale is attached to know the exact drop height of the steel ball. The machine is equipped with a red laser to locate the impact position accurately.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6017
Impact Height 0 ~ 2,000 mm adjustable
Drop Method Free Fall
Height Display Scale plate
Steel Ball Mass 55 g, 64 g, 110 g, 255 g, 535 g or specified by clients
Drop Control Mode DC Electromagnetic
Power Supply 1 Phase, AC 220V or Specified
Packaging Wooden case

Ball Drop Impact Tester Features

  • The DC electromagnetic chuck absorbs the steel ball, which is safe and reliable.
  • The case is treated with electrostatic spraying of A3 steel plate.
  • Thickened bottom plate and stainless steel column are used to ensure it is firm and not shaking.
  • A variety of test steel balls are available based on users’ testing requirements.
  • The drop height is based on the graduated scale, which is intuitive and easy to read.
  • Red laser accurately locates the impact position.
  • Equipped with PU movable casters, easy to move.

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