Project Description

Notch Depth Digital Gauge

Notch Depth Measuring Device for IZOD and Charpy Test Samples

Notch Depth Digital Gauge is mainly intended to measure the notch depth and the remaining width of plastic samples used for IZOD impact resistance test & Charpy impact resistance test.

It is very easy for users to operate this device. The instrument is equipped with a digital Mitutoyo micrometer gauge. After the specimen is placed in the corresponding position, the user can read directly on the meter. The instrument can meet customers’ various requirements on accuracy and range and help users in avoiding measuring error to provide reliable and standard samples for determining the impact toughness of non-metal materials such as plastics.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6008
Measuring Range 0 ~ 12.5 mm
Resolution 0.001 mm
Accuracy 0.003 mm
Operating Temperature Room temperature
Power Replaceable button cells
Dimension 80 mm × 100 mm × 170 mm
Accessories Round cushion block with edge (the blade angle is less than 45 degrees)

Two measuring heads: Flat angle and sharp angle

Notch Depth Digital Gauge Features

  • The instrument owns a simple structure for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Highly precision micrometer gauge with digital display indicates numerical values to the nearest 0.003 mm, greatly enhancing the readability.
  • It is powered by replaceable button cells.
  • The instrument uses an ASOLUTE electrostatic linear encoder and integrated circuit for signal processing, and has the functions of origin setting, zero setting at any position, and value retention.
  • A extensive measuring range from 0 to 12.5 mm is available.
  • Two measuring needles are provided for direct measurements of the specimen’s notch depth and remaining width.

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