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Computerized Slip Resistance Tester

SATRA TM144 Computerized Footwear Slip Resistance Testing Machine China Manufacturer

Footwear Slip Resistance Tester is designed to measure the friction coefficient of footwear under specified conditions to evaluate the anti-slip performance of the outsole, heel, forepart of shoes.

The test method  of this footwear testing equipment is simple: The test piece is positioned on the platform, using glycerine as a lubricant. A defined load is exerted. The testing platform moves in a horizontal direction relative to the specimen by means of transverse traction force to measure the kinetic friction force and calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction.

Test Principle

The item of footwear to be tested is placed on a surface, subjected to a specified force perpendicular to the surface, and moved horizontally relative to the surface (or the surface is moved horizontally relative to the items of footwear). Both the frictional force and normal force are measured, and the Dynamic Coefficient of friction is calculated.

Test Standards

ISO 13287-2019, ISO 20344-2011 5.11, ISO 20345-2011 5.3.5, EN ISO 13287-2019, GB/T 28287-2012, SATRA TM144-2011, ASTM F2913-2019, GB/T3903.6-2017, BS EN ISO 13287-2019, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3028
Vertical Force Sensing Capacity 1000N
Horizontal Force Sensing Capacity 1000N
Deviation of Test Force Indication ± 0.5%
Motor AC Servo motor
Slip Speed 0.1 m / s ~ 0.5 m / s (adjustable)
Vertical Pressure Range 300 N ~ 600 N (adjustable)
Test Floor Ceramic tile, steel plate, or specified
Static Contact Time 0.5 s
Standard Test’s Vertical Force For footwear Size ≥ 40, UK size 6.5 and above: (500 ± 25) N

For footwear Size ≤ 40, UK size 6.5 and below: (400±20)N

Wedge Angle
Controller Special Test software based on Windows operating system
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz, 1.1kw
Air Source 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa

Footwear Slip Resistance Tester Features

  • The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The functional design of this device conforms to various international standards.
  • Servo motor is used to ensure accurate control.
  • The precision force sensor is available to measure the objective values.
  • Configured with an industrial computer with professional test software to conduct data statistics and analysis.

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