Project Description

densicom tester

Digital Gravitometer China Supplier

Densicom Tester is used to measure the specific gravity of sole materials such as rubber, plastic, PU, EVA, TPU, TPR, and PVC. It adopts the principle of Archimedes buoyancy principle. After the test sample is immersed into the liquid, the density value can be read quickly.

Main Parameters

Model AT-F3047
Load Accuracy ± 1%
Water Tank Dimension 500 mm × 150 mm × 230 mm
Clamps Insert × 1, clip × 1
Weighting Scale 0.01 ~ 1200 g
Density Resolution 0.001 g / cm³
Measuring Time 10 seconds
Power 220 V 50 / 60 Hz 1A or specified
Dimension 600 mm × 400 mm × 900 mm
Standard Accessories Main machine, water tank, test board, calibration weights, whole shoe sole support



  • The sample can be easily immersed into the liquid using a rotating descending device or a special supporting bracket for the whole shoe sole with a higher buoyancy.
  • The depth of immersion of the test sample in the liquid can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  • High sensitivity assembly and automatic lifting tank are used for auto-monitoring and calculation.
  • Suitable for samples with irregular sizes.
  • There are different grips to match samples.
  • Users can read the testing value directly and quickly.

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