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Water Vapour Absorption Tester WVA

AT-F3039 Water Vapor Absorption Testing Equipment China Manufacturer

Water Vapour Absorption Tester is mainly used to measure the water vapor absorption of different types of leather.

An impermeable material and the test piece are fixed over the opening of a metal container that contains 50ml of water. The absorption rate of water vapor is determined by the mass change of the test sample before and after the test.

Test Standards

ISO 20344 6.7 Determination of water vapor absorption(WVA)

Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-F3039
Item Water Vapour Absorption Tester
Specimen Diameter 4.3 cm
Internal Diameter of Container and Ring 3.5 cm
Approximate Test Area 10 cm2
Features The container is made of stainless steel. Eight and six containers are optional according to customers’ requirements.

Measuring Devices Included

  1. Circular metal container and an upper ring, between which the impermeable material and the specimen are clamped. The container and the ring shall have an internal diameter of 3.5cm, which corresponds to a test area of approximate 10 cm². The upper ring shall be clamped to the apparatus with three hinged bolts equipped with wing nuts.
  2. Balance, which can weigh to the accuracy of 0.001g.
  3. Stopwatch.

Test procedure(for Reference)

  1. Conduct the test in a conditioning atmosphere of 23 ± 2℃ and (50 ± 5)% relative humidity.
  2. Weigh the prepared specimen and record the mass m1.
  3. Pour 50ml of water into the container and place the impermeable material together with the test piece over the opening of the metal container.
  4. Screw down firmly to make sure that no water laps against the bottom of the specimen.
  5. Remove the test sample after eight hours and reweigh immediately, recording the mass m2 for further calculation of test result.

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