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Hydrolysis test chamber & Vamp Ross flexing tester

Vulcanized Rubber Frosting Test Chamber China Manufacturer

This test chamber is suitable for performing the hydrolysis resistance test of artificial polyurethane leather, polyurethane upper and textile. It is also used to conduct rubber sole hydrolysis resistance tests and flexing tests at a given temperature and humidity.

It is capable of providing the test conditions of constant temperature and humidity (70℃ and 95% R.H) for polyurethane leathers, upper materials, textiles and rubber soles to carry out hydrolysis resistance tests and determine the resistance to flexing.

There are three test methods for the hydrolysis resistance test of polyurethane leather upper materials and fabrics. Method one is constant temperature and humidity storage: Store the specimens for at least 168 hours in a high temperature and high humidity environment. Method two is solution acceleration: Soaked in 10% NaOH for 12 ~ 72 hours under average temperature. Method three is high-temperature solution acceleration: Add 10% NaOH to a water bath at a constant temperature of 70 degrees for 1 ~ 4 hours.

Hydrolysis resistance test method of rubber sole: Store the test sample in the chamber of 70℃ and 95% RH for a certain time, then check the surface of the sole for any changes.


Test Principle

Under specific temperature and humidity or using the particular concentration of the solution, the specimen is placed in the chamber to conduct the test for the specified time. The operator takes out the sample to observe the surface state and variation of the properties, such as any changes in obvious lubrication, color on the surface, cracking, delamination, peeling force between layers, flexing resistance, etc.

It is also available to install various flexing devices such as the Bally flexing grips, shoe bending grips, Ross flexing grips, vamp flexing grips, sole flexing grips, etc.

Test Standards

GB/T 20991, ISO 20344, ISO5423, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3001C
Temperature Range -5℃ ~ +100℃, -50℃ ~ +100℃, -30℃ ~ +100℃, 0℃ ~ +100℃
Humidity Range 20 ~ 98﹪R.H
Temp. & Humidity Accuracy ± 0.5℃, ± 2.5﹪R.H.
Temp. & Humidity Uniformity ± 1.5℃, ± 3﹪R.H.
Heating Rate 3℃ / min (Nonlinear no-load, average)
Cooling Rate 1℃ / min (Nonlinear no-load, average)
Interior Dimension (W x D x H) 50 x 60 x 50 cm
Interior Material Stainless steel plate (SUS 304)
Exterior Material Cold rolled steel plate wtih paint treatment or stainless steel plate
Insulation Rigid polyurethane foam
Refrigeration System Tecumseh single stage cascade refrigeration compressor
Refrigerant R404A Eco-friendly refrigerant
Temperature & Humidity Control System Programmable
Flexing Apparatus(Optional) Bally Flexing grip

Shoes bending / Ross flexing

Bally Flexing grip / shoe bending / Ross flexing

Bally Flexing grip / shoe bending / Ross flexing

Vamp flexing grip

Vamp flexing grip / shoe bending grip

Sole flexing grip

Power 1 phase, AC 220 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Weight 300 kg


  1. Frame, shell and chamber are made of high-quality 304 & 201 stainless steel sheets with anti-corrosion properties.
  2. Touch screen LCD presents the set values and real-time parameters during the test and indicates any malfunctions.
  3. An extensive range of temperature and humidity control is available to suit a variety of user requirements.
  4. Various testing conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, constant temperature and humidity can be applied separately.
  5. A specially balanced temperature and humidity control mode is adopted to reach an ideal environment throughout the test.
  6. Complete failure indications for overtemperature, deficient water level or overload of the compressor are available.
  7. An accurate timing function is available.
  8. Microcomputer temperature controller offers PID values, alarm for Lower and upper limitation, touch-screen setting, etc.
  9. The heating system runs using a finned tube stainless steel electric heater.
  10. Heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification are controlled by microcomputers automatically.
  11. It owns programmable correction, clearance, appointment start, power failure memory, etc., functions.
  12. Fitted with a lighting device inside the viewing window for better observation of the testing status of the specimen.

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