Project Description

Heel Top Piece Sample Grinding Machine

AT-F3048 Heel End Sample Grinder China Supplier

This machine is used for sample grinding of the leather shoe’s top piece when determining the abrasion resistance of the top piece using the rotating cylindrical drum method.

It is mainly used to grind the sample when the test piece is not suitable for cutting with a rotary cutter or grinding the non-standard leather heel test piece into a sample with a diameter of 16 mm required.

It is a perfect sample preparation equipment when we use DIN Abrasion Tester to do heel wear tests.

Test Principle

The motor drives a grinding wheel with a 100 ~ 120 mm diameter at the speed of 2800 r / min. The grinding wheel is white corundum with a graininess of 60. The linear velocity of the grinding wheel is 15 m / s ~ 20 m / s. The sample is fixed in the clamping device, rotated at a speed of 50 r / min ~ 60 r / min when grinding the cylindrical surface. The distance between the grinding wheel and the clamping device is adjustable. When the sample rotates approaching the grinding wheel, the sample will be ground by the wheel until the cylindrical specimen with a diameter of 16 mm is achieved.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3048
Speed of Grinding wheel 2800 r / min
Linear Velocity of Grinding Wheel 15~20 m/s
Sample Rotating Speed 50 r / min~60 r / min
grinding Wheel Diameter 100 ~ 120 mm
Diameter of Sample 16 mm
The stroke of Right Bracket Moving Right-Left 25 mm
The stroke of Right Bracket Moving Forward-Backward 30 mm
The stroke of Left Bracket Moving Right-Left 40 mm
Power supply 1 phase, AC 220 V + / -10% or specified


  • One piece of equipment can be used to grind the cylindrical surface and end surface of the sample, and it’s entirely driven by electricity.
  • The sample can spin when grinding the cylindrical surface.
  • The grinding sample area is protected by an acrylic cover to prevent the sample grinding debris from flying out.
  • It is equipped with a unique fixture for the end surface grinding.
  • The grinding fixture for the cylindrical surface can be adjusted in front, back, left, and right.
  • Equipped with a tray at the bottom of the equipment for receiving waste materials to clean up the grinding debris.

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