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Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

Hydrostatic Head Tester | Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machine China Supplier

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester is an important fabric testing equipment used for determining the resistance of fabrics to penetration by water under hydrostatic pressure.

A test piece is clamped on the hydrostatic head. One surface of the sample is subjected to increasing hydrostatic pressure at a constant speed from the bottom until the penetration for 3 points occurs on its other surface.

It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics whether or not they have been given a water-resistant or water-repellent finish.

Test Standards

  • AATCC 127 Water resistance: Hydrostatic pressure test
  • ISO 811 Textiles – Determination of resistance to wear penetration – Hydrostatic pressure test
  • ISO 1420 Rubber – or plastics – coated fabrics – determination of resistance to penetration by water
  • DIN53886 Determination of resistance of textiles fabrics to water penetration hydrostatic pressure test
  • JIS L1092 Testing methods for water resistance of textiles
  • EN20811 Textiles – Determination of resistance to water penetration – Hydrostatic pressure test
  • EN 13726-3 Non – active medical devices – Test methods for primary wound dressings – Parts 3: waterproofness

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-T4003-C10 AT-T4003-C20
Measuring Scale 0 ~ 100 kpa 0 ~ 200 kpa
Test Accuracy ± 0.2% ± 0.5%
Sample Grip Area 100 cm2
Test Units Pa, KPa, mmH2O, cmH2O, mbar
Hydrostatic Pressure Rising Rate 60 mbar / min (AATCC 127)

Adjustable steplessly

Water tank Capacity 2500 ml
Dimensions 580 × 400 × 700 mm
Weight 75 kg
Power supply  1 phase AC 220V 50/60 Hz or specified

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester Features

  • This instrument is controlled by an industrial 32-bit microprocessor.
  • There are two test methods: The pressurization method and the constant pressure method.
  • Characterized by PLC and Colorful touch screen control, with simple and convenient operation.
  • High-precision pressure sensors facilitate accurate and stable test results and good repeatability.
  • Equipped with a built-in water tank and water shortage protection.
  • The water pressure rising rate can be adjustable steplessly, and it has the functions of button prompts and fault self-detection.
  • One button control is available for water-adding and water discharge.
  • High brightness LED lighting is available for observation of water droplets.
  • The system automatically calculates the average, maximum and minimum values of 5 groups of data.
  • Configured with a built-in compact printer, able to print test reports directly.

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