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Fabric Strength Tester

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Fabric Strength Tester is a multifunctional textile CRE tensile testing machine utilizing different clamps and fixtures. It is mainly applicable to breaking force tests, elongation strength tests, tearing strength tests, slippage resistance tests, bursting strength tests, seam slippage tests, etc., on textile fabrics, yarns. It can also be used to evaluate the tensile strength, peeling strength, tearing strength, bending strength, bonding strength, creep deformation, etc., of various plastic, rubber, sponge, metals, etc. The textile tensile testing machine is an ideal instrument used in academic institutions, universities and colleges, manufacturers’ laboratories, test organizations.

Test Standards

Tensile breaking strength test: Strip Method, grab method
ASTM D5035-11(2019) ASTM D5034-2009 ASTM D4964
ISO 13934-1:2013 ISO 13934-2:2014
AS 2001.2.3.1-2001 AS 2001.2.3.2-2001
CAN/CGSB-4.2 NO.9.1-M90-1990
CAN/CGSB-4.2 No.9.2 GB/T 3923.1-2013
GB/T 3923.2-2013

Tearing strength of fabric: Single tear method, double tear method, Trapezoid Method, wing-rip method
ASTM D2261-2017 ASTM D5587 ISO 13937-2:2000
ISO 13937-3:2000 ISO 13937-4:2000
CAN/CGSB No.12.1-M90
CAN/CGSB No.12.2-M95
AS-2001.2.10-1986 GB/T 3917.2-2009
GB/T 3917.3-2009 GB/T 3917.4-2009
GB/T 3917.5-2009

Resistance to Seam Slippage (strip method, grab method)
ASTM D434-95 ISO 13936-1-2004
ISO 13936-2-2004 ISO 13935-1-2014
CAN/CGSB-4.2 No.32.1-M98
AS 2001.2.21-1989 AS 2001.2.22
GB/T 13772.1-2008 GB/T 13772.2-2008

Bond strength of bonded and laminated fabrics
AATCC 136: 2003 ISO 2411-2007
ISO 11339-2010 FZ/T 8007.1

Bursting strength of textile fabrics:steel ball method
ASTM D3787 – 16(2020) GB/T 19976-2005

Main Technical Parameters

Type AT-T4005-A (Single column) AT-T4005-B (Dual column)
Test Items Fabric Tensile strength, steel ball burst strength, tear strength, bond strength, seam slippage, single yarn strength, elastic recovery
Load Cell Range 2500 N, 5000 N (optional)
Transmission AC servo motor and driver, high precision ball screw
Test Force Range 0.2 % ~ 100% FS
Load Cell Measuring Accuracy ± 0.5%
Load Resolution 1 / 200,000
Test Speed 0.01 ~ 600 mm / min (steplessly adjustable)
Test Speed Accuracy ± 1%
Deformation Measuring Accuracy ± 0.5%
Effective test Travel Stretch & Compress : 800 mm
Data Sampling Frequency 2000 Hz
Specimen Clamping Method Pneumatic clamping, Manual clamping (optional)
Test Result & Print Output various forms of data, curves and statistical results
Display & Operation English test Software & Operation manual provided
Power Supply 1 phase AC220 V ± 10%  50 / 60 Hz
Machine Overall Dimension 800 mm × 360 mm × 1350 mm
Weight Appr. 150kg

Textile CRE Tensile Testing Machine Features

  • This multipurpose testing machine can execute textile fabric tearing strength tests, fabric tensile strength tests, seam slippage tests, fabric bursting strength tests, elastic material knitwear tests, single yarn strength tests, bonded strength tests of laminated and bonded fabrics.
  • Test modes: CRE principle measurement, computer test software control, and record the dynamic change of the curve. Users can choose the curve content indicating strength-elongation, strength-time, elongation-time according to needs.
  • Professional testing software for fabrics is available. It conforms to a variety of test standards, compatible with the Windows system. A computer controls the running of the machine. The system automatically processes the test data and generates data reports.
  • High resolution digital closed-loop Controller mainboard using 32-bit industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer control, 24-bit A/D converters, with strong anti-interference performance, fast data processing and transmission, and reaching the internationally advanced level.
  • The high-precision pre-loaded ball screw plus two optical axes are used to ensure the stable operation of the machine.
  • Multiple protections such as overload, over-travel, over-voltage and over-heating are available to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the instrument.
  • Force units can be selected and converted freely among KN, N, Kgf and lbf.
  • Single Column or dual column machine is selectable by clients.

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