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Rubbing Colour Fastness Tester

Circular Rubbing Colour Fastness Tester Manufacturer

Rubbing Color Fastness Tester is intended to determine the rubbing damage of materials and degree of color transfer on the surface when subjected to dry-type or wet-type rubbing.

A circular wool felt by dry style or wet style rests on the test piece under a fixed pressure, and the test piece is rubbed against the wool felt in the rotation. The color fastness of the test piece is evaluated through comparison with a gray scale after certain-time friction.

It is suitable for various leathers, upper materials, textiles, etc.

Test Standards

  • BS EN 13516 Method B Footwear test for uppers, lining and insocks colour fastness to rubbing
  • SATRA TM8 Colour fastness to circular rubbing
  • ISO 17700 Method B Footwear test for uppers, lining and insocks colour fastness to rubbing

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9018
Revolution of Rubbing Axis 150 ± 5 r / min
Load 7.1 ± 0.2 N or 24.5 ± 0.5 N
Wool Felt External diameter: 25 ± 1 mm, Inner diameter 3 ± 0.5 mm
Aluminum Plate Diameter: 50 mm, Thickness: 12 mm
Metal Plate 75 × 65 × 5 mm, Diameter of bore center: 25 mm

Rubbing Colour Fastness Tester Features

1. Made of quality materials, and the surface is coated with corrosion-resistant material.
2. Controlled by a microprocessor, the machine stops automatically once the pre-selected count is reached.
3. It owns the function of memory: If the preset rubbing number has not been reached and the test has been stopped by manual, the rest can be saved until reset.
4. It can be applied to various loads according to different test standards.
5. This machine has a wide range of applications, such as dry rubbing, wet rubbing, perspiration rubbing, alcohol rubbing, and organic liquids rubbing (The probational liquid needs to be prepared by clients).

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