Project Description

IULTCS Leather Rubbing Fastness Tester

Dual station Electric Crockmeter China Manufacturer

Double Station Electric Crockmeter is used for determining the color fastness of leather or textiles to rubbing.

It features 2 stations capable of carrying out the test with 2 test pieces against a dry rubbing cloth or wet rubbing cloth.

Test Principle

One surface of the test piece is repeatedly rubbed against a wool felt under a specified pressure. Colorfastness is determined through comparison among the gray scale, wool felt color staining and color of the abrasive surface of specimen after a defined number of rubbing cycles is reached. Any visual change and damage need to be recorded.

Test Standards

DIN 4843

ISO 11640


QB/T 2537

GB/T 20991 section 7.3

EN ISO20344 section 7.3

AS/NZS 2210.2 section7.3

ISO 17700 Method A.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9017
Type Electric (with two stations)
Counter 1 ~ 999,999
Rubbing Load 9 N
Motor 1/4 HP
Specimen Size 140 × 50 mm or 100 × 25 mm
Rubbing Finger Φ16 mm or 19 × 25.4 mm
Rubbing Distance (104 ± 3) mm
Rubbing Speed 60 cpm (one cycle per second)
Tester Dimension 58 × 55 × 38 cm
Controller Dimension 19 × 19 × 16 cm
Tester Weight 47 kg
Power 1 phase, AC 220 V, 50 Hz or specified


  • Quality stainless steel is used to form the core elements of the testing machine.
  • Features compact size to ensure utility and decency.
  • Owns double stations to allow the instrument to conduct the test on 2 test pieces each time.
  • Conforms to various international standards.
  • Equipped with LCD for countering.
  • Easy to operate and maintain for operators.

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