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Schildknecht Flexing Tester

Schildknecht Flex Tester China Manufacturer

Schildknecht Flexing Tester is used to determine the flexing resistance of rubber or plastic coated fabrics to flexural damage. It is applicable to the Method B of ISO 7854, BS 3424 and other standards.

Test Principle

A rectangular strip of coated fabric is fastened around two opposing cylinders so that the test piece takes a cylindrical form. One of the cylinders reciprocates along its axis, causing the coated-fabric cylinder to be alternately compressed and relaxed, thus resulting in folds in the test piece. This folding of the coated-fabric cylinder is continued until either a pre-set number of cycles is reached, or damage to the test piece is apparent.

Pairs of metal cylinders comprise the clamping and flexing devices. The test pieces are secured to the cylinders using the hose clips. The cylinders are 25.4 mm in outer diameter, and one cylinder of each pair is able to move up and down along its axis at the specified rate. The stroke length of the moving cylinder is 11.7 mm.

Tips: If you will do a subsequent water penetration test under press, you need to use the Hydrostatic Pressure Tester.

Test Standards

ISO 7854 Rubber or Plastic Coated Fabric – Determination of Resistance to Damage By Flexing
EN 14325
BS 3424-9 Method B, etc

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-T4008
Test Pieces 6 or 10 (customizable)
Flexing Frequency 8.3 Hz ± 0.4 Hz
Cylinder Outer dia. 25.4 ± 0.1 mm
Stroke length 11.7 ± 0.35 mm
Hose clips Width 10 mm±1 mm
Distance between the inside faces of clips 36 mm ± 1 mm
Sample Size 105 mm x 50 mm or 105 mm x 65 mm
Machine Dimension 400 x 550 x 350 mm
Power Supply 1 phase AC 220 V 3A or specified
Weight 65 kg

Schildknecht Flex Testing Machine Features

  • The shell is made of high-precision steel with rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant treatment to ensure rigidness and durability.
  • Configured with a rectangular color display combined with the digital keys to facilitate parameter setting and state monitoring.
  • The machine automatically stops once the preset number of cycles is reached.
  • 6 pairs or 10 pairs of cylinders can be selected by users.
  • Equipped with a transparent cover to prevent operators from being hurt during the test.

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