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AT-F3051 Color Matching Cabinet China Supplier

Color Assessment Cabinet is intended to simulate various standard light sources when people visually detect the color deviation of materials.

We go to the store to buy clothes. Due to the special lighting of the store, we often think that the color of a certain piece of clothing is good, so we buy it. Still, when we go home and wear it on our body, the beauty of the clothes we bought in the store will be significantly reduced, and we even think that the color does not match and do not want to wear it again. The reason for this is that under different illuminating light sources, the color of the same object is different when the human eye sees it, which is called the metamerism effect.

For some high-demand goods, inspectors also have high color requirements. An important indicator is to check the color deviation of the goods under the standard light source designated by the merchant, such as the color difference between the goods and the sample, the color difference between the thread and the cloth, the color difference between the electrical buttons and the shell, the color detection of printed paper, the color identification of paint and ink, etc. They are all inseparable from a color matching lightbox.

The color matching light box is usually a combination of multiple light sources. For example, it can provide simulated daylight D65, D75, D50 and simulate the lighting of showrooms, TL84, CWF, U30, as well as home lighting F, INCA, horizontal daylight, ultraviolet lamps, etc. These light sources must be recognized by large international organizations, such as store light recognized by Wal-Mart, daylight recognized by international testing agencies, and various special requirements specified by customers.

The most commonly used are these six light sources D65, TL84, CWF, F/A, UV, U30.

The color matching cabinet is widely used in textiles, plastics, paints, inks, printing and dyeing, pigments, packaging, ceramics, leather, cosmetics, etc. The multi-light switch makes it easier for you to detect whether the sample has metamerism (referring to The color of the sample matches under one light source, but when turned to another light source, it does not match). The ultraviolet light is added into the color light box to make sure the closest natural daylight. The ultraviolet light can be used independently or together with other light sources to detect the fluorescent whitening agent on products, dyes and coatings.

Light Source Types

  • D65: Uses the artificial fluorescent lamp D65 recognized by the International Institute of Illumination (CIE) as the basic lighting source. In addition to being used for contrasting colors, D65 is also defined as the lighting source for gray scale contrast by people in the world.
  • UV: Ultraviolet light source. Because fluorescent and brightening dyes are commonly used in industrial production, the best way to detect its effects is to use ultraviolet light, because ultraviolet light is shining on a material that has been stained with fluorescent, which can be easily detected by the naked eye.
  • F / A: Filament Lighting is suitable for the observation of colors under the light source in the home or hotel room, such as the color management of underwear, bedroom supplies and other products.
  • CWF / TL84: Some customers require to use this light source for color matching. For example, American merchants often require the use of Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) light source or U30 light source, and European and Japanese merchant associations require the use of Triphosphor Lamp P15 (TL84) light source.
Light Sources Description Color Temperature Power
D65 Artificial Daylight 6500 K 18 W
TL84 European, Japanese, Chinese store light source 4000 K 18 W
CWF American Cool White Fluorescent 4150 K 20 W
F Home and hotel lamps, colorimetric reference light source 2700 K 40 W
UV Ultraviolet Wave Length: 365 nm 20 W
U30 American Warm White Fluorescent 3000 K 20 W
A American kitchen window spotlights, colorimetric reference lights 2856 K 60 W
TL83 European standard warm white store light source 3000 K 18 W

Color Matching Cabinet Features

  • Separately records the use time of each light source to accurately control the best service life of the light source to avoid detection errors caused by excessive aging of the light tube.
  • The light source can be automatically switched and has the function of metamerism.
  • The instrument does not need to be warmed up and will not flicker.
  • Equipped with a complete set of common light sources for British and American standards to ensure fast and reliable color evaluation.
  • The name of the light source can be changed, making it more convenient to replace the light source.

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