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Zero Distance Drop Tester is used to simulate the free fall of the packaging carton from the specified height to evaluate the impact resistance of the package and the content inside it in case of a drop in the actual loading, transportation, and unloading process. And it also helps judge whether the packaging design is rational.

We call it “Zero Distance” because theoretically, it can achieve the lowest 0 distance drop test, thanks to its unique structure and sample release mechanism. It is something that other drop test machines, such as single / double-wing drop test machines, pneumatic drop test machines, and orientation drop test machines, can’t realize.

This zero-distance drop tester is mainly applicable to packages with a heavy mass or large volume. For large-scale packaged goods, their vertical drop height during transportation and handling is relatively low, and their required drop test height is also relatively low. Therefore, the zero drop testing machine is specially used to test such large samples.

The drop tester is equipped with an “E”-shaped “Fork” that can move down faster than the acceleration of gravity as a bracket. Before the test, any one of the specimen’s faces, edges, or corners can be preset to be towards the bottom plate. During the test, the bracket moves downwards at a much higher speed than that of the specimen until it is flat embedded into the base plate under the action of the high-efficiency shock absorber. The acceleration of the fork is greater than 3G to ensure that the bracket is separated from the specimen before the specimen impact and achieve a free fall of the specimen.

We have different types of zero distance drop testers for you to choose from:

  • AT-D3003-B

  • Max. Load – 100 kg

  • Drop Height – 0 ~ 1.5 m

  • Max. Specimen Size – 1000 * 1000 * 1000 mm

  • AT-D3003-C

  • Max. Load – 200 kg

  • Drop Height – 0 ~ 1.5 m

  • Max. Sample Size – 470 * 1250 * 1120 mm

  • AT-D3003-D

  • Max. Load – 300 kg

  • Drop Height – 0 ~ 1/1.5/3 m

  • Max. Sample Size – 1000 * 1000 * 1000 mm

  • This zero distance drop tester is ideal for drop tests on various heavy-duty and large-size packages.

  • The practically acceptable minimum drop height is as low as 2.54 mm.

  • The drop height can be preset freely up to 1500 mm, and the higher drop height can also be customized.

  • Fitted with an E-shaped “fork” and auxiliary devices for allowing the test package to be impacted on the edge, corner, or surface.

  • A pneumatic mechanism is adopted to descend the bracket.

  • The drop acceleration greater than 3G ensures that the bracket is separated from the test piece.

  • The controller is separate from the drop apparatus, realizing remote wired connection control to protect the operator during the test.

  • A programmable logic controller offers flexible applications, high reliability, and high anti-interference ability.

  • Configured with a unique shock absorber and pneumatic brake to prevent the E-fork from rebounding after it drops into the groove.

  • Equipped with a precision encoder for height tracking and a touch screen for drop height display and setup.

  • The base plate is a solid cast steel structure with stiffeners installed at the bottom to provide sufficient strength.

The package sample is fixed on the E-fork in the desired posture and lifted to a given height. The drop button on the control box is pressed to complete the test. During the descending process, the E-fork will move downward at a speed greater than the acceleration of gravity and separate from the specimen until the fork falls into the grooves on the bottom base without rebounding. The sample will fall to the bottom plate in free fall.

Model AT-D3003
Max. Specimen Weight 100 kg, 200 kg, 300 kg or customize heavier capacities
Max. Specimen Size 1000 mm × 1000 mm × 1000 mm or larger based on requirements
Drop Height 0 ~ 1500 mm
Machine dimension 1900 mm x 1700 mm x 2800 mm
Drop Angle Corner / edge / face
Operation Mode PLC + touch screen
Release Method Pneumatic release
Drop Mode Free fall
Lifting Method Electric motor
Power Supply 3 phase, AC 380 V ± 10% or specified
  • ISO 2248
  • ASTM D5276
  • JIS Z 0200
  • JIS Z 0202

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