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Multi-Orientation Drop Tester

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Multi-orientation Drop Tester is used for drop impact test on small electronic products in designated direction or appointed position. It is a practical and effective instrument to evaluate electronic products’s performance when people may accidentally drop them in use on the ground. It is suitable for small electronic products like mobile phones, E-books, IPAD for the drop test in their original postures.

This Orientation drop tester is currently the most widely used in the mobile phone manufacturing industry.

The drop tester can be configured with multi-orientation holding devices to achieve directional drop tests on the edges, corners, and surfaces of the specimen at 0°, 45°, and 90°. The specimen is lifted to a specified height and dropped to impact the pre-placed floor at a specified acceleration. The specimen will be automatically released at a specified height such as 300 mm to guarantee that the test piece is close to its original posture at the moment of the impact. In addition to the directional drop test, this machine is also suitable for the free fall drop test.

There are mainly two types of fixtures that are allowed to be configured to this orientation drop tester. One is a pneumatic clamping device driven by cylinders. The specimen is conveniently clamped and released by two parallel clamping plates under the control of the operator. The other is a vacuum suction cup device to suck the specimen tightly under the control and realize the drop test at different angles. A high-quality vacuum generator is used to ensure that the test piece is sucked during the drop. The vacuum absorption fixture is very suitable for the drop test of bare mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic products.

Clamping device of orientation Drop Tester

Peumatic Fixture

Vacuum sucker of Orientation Drop Tester

Vacuum Sucker

We have the ability to customize different holding devices for you. As for the specific fixtures you need for your samples and test requirements, please get in touch with us directly, and our sales engineers will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

  • The machine adopts a fully enclosed structure with transparent acrylic protective plates to protect the operator.

  • Fitted with a touch screen LCD for data setup and presentation.

  • Supports PLC computer programming for testing control.

  • The gripping device can be tailored to testing requirements.

  • Three vacuum chucks can be switched electronically.

  • The drop angle of the specimen is close to the set angle.

  • A servo motor is used to drive the corresponding module to adjust the drop height for fast and precise positioning.

  • The clamping device can be automatically raised to a set height after each drop, convenient for operation and improves test efficiency.

  • The number of drops can be displayed and zeroed freely.

  • It supports two clamping methods: vacuum adsorption and pneumatic clamping.

  • Adopts a multi-angle adjustment device, which can realize drop testing on edges, corners, and surfaces of the specimen at 0°, 45°, 90° or other desired angles.

  • Equipped with a safety door to provide full protection and it can stop testing when opened.

  • A variety of drop floors can be selected, including the steel plate, acrylic plate, wooden board, or marble board, which is applicable to testing requirements of different countries.

  • Comes with four lockable casters and a level fine-tuning device.

Model AT-D3001
Product Orientation drop tester
Max. Test Height 300 ~ 1800 mm (2000 mm customized)
Max. Drop Product Weight 1 / 2 kg
Min. Drop Height 300 mm
Max. Size of the Acceptable Specimen Regular 150 × 150 mm (The bigger sizes need to be customized)
Drop Posture On edges, corners, surfaces at 0°, 45°, 90° or other desired angles
Drop Angle Error about 1° ~ 3°
Counter 0 ~ 999,999 times (can be set)
Sample Holding Method Sucked or clamped by a pneumatic mechanism (can be customized)
Vacuum Adsorption Switching Mode Three vacuum chucks can be switched electronically


Parameter Setting The drop height and adsorption height can be preset, and the number of drops is displayed and supports being cleared
Safety Door Protection Function Fully enclosed transparent acrylic plates to protect operators
Control Mode PLC programming touch screen control (drop velocity is displayable)
Drop Floor A3 steel plate (The acrylic board, wooden board, marble board and other materials can be used)
Drop Method Pneumatic drop / Free fall
Lifting Method Automated lifting
Air Source ≥ 0.5 Mpa
Power supply Power supply 1∮, 220 V AC ± 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz or specified
  • JIS C 0044
  • IEC 60068-2-32
  • YD/T 1539-2006, etc.

There are usually have three other drop testing machines used for drop tests of electronic products, including Free Fall Drop Tester, Rotating Drum Drop Tester, Package Drop Tester.

Free fall drop tester

Free Fall Drop Tester

  • AT-D3007
  • Electric lifting of the specimen
  • Specimen clamped pneumatically
  • Drop against the surface, corner or edge
  • Load of 3 kg or 5 kg
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Rotating drum drop tester

Rotating Drum Drop Tester

  • AT-D3006
  • Continuous tumbling and falling
  • Single / two/ multiple drums available
  • Load up to 5 kg
  • Applicable to small electronics
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package ISTA drop tester

Pneumatic Drop Tester

  • AT-D3002
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Electric lift
  • Pneumatic Release
  • Load up to 100 kg
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The drop test is one of the durability tests of various electronic devices, as electronic products may fall on the floor during use. The drop test is a necessary test for electronic device manufacturers to ensure product reliability.

The orientation drop tester features a clamping mechanism for clamping the sample, an electric lifting mechanism for lifting the sample to the specified height, and a guide device for guiding the sample to drop in a particular orientation.

The orientation drop testing machine is most widely used in the mobile phone industry. The directional drop test machine is mainly used for the drop resistance test of the mobile phone shell and the internal components. It is capable of repeatedly simulating the action of the mobile phone falling to the ground accidentally when in use. The mobile phone is manually mounted to the fixture or the suction cup and lifted to a preset height. The fixture holding the sample accelerates, moving down to the specified height (for example, 300 mm). At this time, the mobile phone is quickly released and dropped freely to the bottom plate. During the entire test, It tries to ensure that the phone is dropped in the specified posture as much as possible.

Because the mobile phone manufacturers have used the directional drop tester to carry out hundreds of drop tests in the laboratory. The mobile phone shell is made of drop-resistant materials, and the internal parts are also drop-resistant. In the laboratory, The operator needs to drop the mobile phone from a height of at least 1 meter. The six surfaces, eight corners, and 12 sides of the mobile phone must be tested twice each. As long as there is any damage, the entire product will be judged as a failure. If the mobile phone passes a height of 1-meter drop test, then the drop height will be increased to 1.5 meters untill 1.8 meters.

The directional drop test machine can perform precise multi-direction and multi-posture drop tests. The usual drop angles are 0 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees. The operator can guide the corners, edges or surfaces of the specimen to hit the bottom plate in the desired posture. The specimen drops with an instantaneous acceleration.

Ordinary free fall testing machines can only achieve free fall on corners, edges, or surfaces of the specimen. The specimen may rotate during falling. Therefore, although the gesture of the specimen is preset before the drop occurs, the corners of the specimen have a high probability of hitting the ground first. In a word, the free fall testing machine can’t ensure that the specimen falls in the desired posture.

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