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single-arm package drop tester

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Package Drop Tester is a testing instrument to conduct a vertical impact test on a complete, filled transport package by dropping. It simulates the free fall of the corrugated box hitting its side, edge, or corner from a specified height through a given angle to determine whether the package or stuff inside can withstand the impact force when the drop occurs in the practical scene. In order to get the test results nearest to the actual conditions, test packages filled with intended, simulated, or dummy contents are required.

This single-wing drop test machine is an economical carton drop test machine developed by our company. Its structure is stable and can load up to 80 kg. Because It is a single-wing support arm, it is more suitable for small-sized and regular-shaped carton packaging drop tests. At the same time, we have more packaging drop testing machines for customers to choose from, such as the pneumatic drop test machine of the ISTA test standard, the double-wing drop tester machine designed for irregular samples, and the zero distance drop tester designed for large-size and bulky packaging.

Using a drop testing machine to evaluate the impact strength of packages to be used in advance is a perfect solution to know what measures can take to protect products against damage during transportation. If packages can’t pass the drop test in accordance with relevant standards, deformation or damage of packaging cartons may happen under actual usage conditions. If that, changing to a more rigid carton to protect goods inside is imperative.

Package drop test machine is an indispensable device for carton manufacturers, which is a direct method to assess whether the quality of final cartons meets the requirements or whether the design of the cartons is reasonable. Package drop tester is also a necessary test machine for end-users to evaluate whether the packaging materials and cartons they use will protect the product perfectly.

  • The framework is manufactured from rigid steel, capable of supporting heavy samples.

  • The control box is separate from the drop body to protect the operator during the test.

  • Offers various fall heights to be measured from: Optional maximum drop heights include 1.5 m, 1.8 m, and 2.0 m.

  • Compatible with various dimensions of corrugated containers.

  • The angle and attitude of the test piece concerning the impacting face, edge, and corner can be adjusted in line with relevant specifications.

  • This machine has an electric reset, electric controlled drop, and electric lifting device, which is very convenient to use.

  • The precision altimeter and displacement encoder are adopted to track the height and implement accurate control for drop height.

  • Configured with a quality motor inside the machine to drive the test piece to rise.

  • A unique hydraulic buffer design for the machine promotes durability and stability.

  • The user-friendly control panel with a display screen on the control box contributes to convenient operation.

  • Upper and lower limit devices and power-off protection are available to secure the machine.

Model AT-D3004
Drop Height Range 300 mm ~ 1500 mm (standard)

300 mm ~ 1800 mm (optional)

300 mm ~ 2000 mm (optional)

Testable Max. Weight of the Specimen 80 kg
Testable Max. Dimension of the Specimen 800 × 800 × 1000 mm
Impact Surface Dimension 1700 × 1200 mm
Impact Surface Material Solid iron, 10 mm (horizontal flat rigid)

Concrete or wood plate

Drop Height Deviation ± 10 mm or not more than 2%
Drop Angle Surface, edge, sharp corner
Control Mode Electric
Impact Panel Parallelism < 1°
Machine Overall Dimension Appr. 1700 × 1200 × 2315 mm
Weight 300 kg
Power AC 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase 4 wires + earth wire or Specified
  • ISO 2248 Packaging – Transport package – Vertical impact test method by dropping
  • GB/T4857-5 Packaging – Transport package – Vertical impact test method by dropping
  • ASTM-D5276 Standard test method for drop test of loaded containers by free fall

Single-arm drop tester

pneumatic package drop tester

Pneumatic Drop Tester

  • AT-D3002
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Electric lift
  • Pneumatic Release
  • Load up to 100 kg
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double-arm package drop tester

Double-arm Drop Tester

  • AT-D3005
  • Two arms for irregular specimens
  • Electric release
  • Drop against the surface, corner or edge
  • Load up to 60 kg
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100 kg zero distance drop tester

Zero Distance Drop Tester

  • AT-D3003
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Pneumatic release
  • PLC + touch screen
  • Test load – 100 / 200 /300 kg
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