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Free fall drop tester

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Free Fall Drop Tester is intended to simulate the fall of various electronic products from different heights in a free-fall manner. The anti-fall ability of the sample is judged by evaluating the fall damage of the sample. It is a vital instrument to examine the ability of products to withstand unexpected shocks.

This drop test machine is designed for small and light products like cell phones and other mobile products. These products may inevitably fall on the ground or bump into them during use and operation, so the reliability test of these products needs to be conducted through it before leaving the factory. Usually, the electronic products for the free-drop test are not protected by any packages.

The sample is clamped and fixed by a pneumatic arm. A height gauge is installed on the column, and the drop height can be adjusted electrically. The width of the arm holding the sample can be adjusted to suit as many samples as possible. It can realize the free drop test of corners, surfaces, edges of the sample.

Below models are free fall drop testers with different drop heights from AMADE TECH:

1.5 meter drop tester for electronic products

  • AT-D3007-A

  • Drop Height of 1500 mm

2 meter freel fall drop tester for electronic products

  • AT-D3007-B

  • Drop Height of 2000 mm

3 meter freel fall drop tester for electronic products

  • AT-D3007-C

  • Drop Height of 3000 mm

Free Fall Drop Tester

The free fall tester (AT-D3007) allows the sample to fall from a specified height to the base in a free-fall manner. According to the needs of the test, you can choose different heights of the tester, including 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 3 meters, or other customized heights.

The sample can be clamped pneumatically and raised to a specified height by electricity. Different faces, corners, and edges can be set to drop vertically to the floor. The maximum sample mass that the free-fall drop machine generally accepts is 3 kg or 5 kg.

Rotating Drum Drop Tester

The rotating drum drop tester (AT-D3006) is also called the tumbling barrel drop tester. It is entirely different from other drop test instruments. It has at least one rectangular barrel that can be turned over, with a drop height of 500 mm or 1000 mm. Before the test, a sample was put into the barrel through a transparent window.

During the test, the sample will be continuously flipped and dropped along with the movement of the barrel. You can adjust the rotation speed of the barrel at any time through the control panel. The real-time number of rotations of the drum will also be displayed on a screen. After the sample is rotated to the specified number of rotations, the operator inspects the damage of the sample.

In addition to single barrels, you can choose double barrels or customize multiple barrels. And in order to protect the operator, we can also install a transparent acrylic protective cover on the periphery of the machine. The maximum sample mass that the drum drop tester can accept is 5 kg.

Orientation Drop Tester

The biggest feature of the orientation drop tester (AT-D3001) is that it can position the impact posture of the sample when contacting the bottom plate more accurately than any other drop tester. It is due to its special specimen clamping and release mechanism.

There are two types of fixtures: pneumatic clamping and pneumatic suction cups for you to choose to achieve a 0-degree, 45-degree, and 90-degree drop test of the sample. When the machine is pressed the drop button, the clamp can drive the sample to fall quickly with average acceleration and quickly release the sample when it is about to approach the specified height above the bottom plate. The posture at the moment the specimen impacts the bottom plate is basically the same as the posture set before the drop.

Of course, it can also do a free drop test. The highest test height is generally 1800 mm, and the maximum acceptable sample mass is 2 kg. We can tailor it for you if you want other higher heights or other larger masses.

  • The machine adopts electric lifting and pneumatic release, and the lifting positioning is accurate and fast.

  • Equipped with a special pneumatic clamp (adjustable arm). The front end of the clamp is equipped with silicone rubber to avoid damaging the product or hurting the operator’s hand.

  • It can carry out the drop test of products of various specifications, applicable to light and small specimens,  and the specimen can be dropped with different postures.

  • The height of the drop is adjusted up and down by a precision screw drive, and a calibrated scale is attached to indicate the drop height of the specimen accurately.

  • A variety of Impact floors are available, such as Steel plate, marble, Cement slabs, Wood board.

  • It runs steadily and has low noise.

  • The operation is simple, and the repeatability is high.

Model AT-D3007
Specimen Max. Weight 3 kg or 5 kg
Drop Height 300mm ~ 1500 mm (Standard), 2000 mm and 3000 mm available
Drop Height Display Scale on the vertical shaft, minimum scale value:1 mm
Lifting Method Electric lifting (A motor drives the screw moving up and down)
Clamp Method Pneumatic arm
Pneumatic Arm Width (3 ~ 120) mm adjustable. The wider ones available
Drop Gesture Flat, Edge, Corner
Drop Mode Free fall
Impact Floor Material Steel plate, marble, Cement slabs, Wood board (Optional)
Machine Overall Dimension W 700 × D 600 × H 1850 mm
Weight 100 kg
Power Supply 1 Phase, AC220 V, 50 / 60 Hz or specified by users
Air Supply 0.4 Mpa ~ 0.8 Mpa
  • JIS C 0044
  • IEC 60068-2-32

AT-D3007 Drop tester is used for the drop test on digital products, consumer electronics, smart phones and computers, electrical parts, small and lightweight objects.

We also provide the Rotating Drum Drop Tester and Orientation Drop Tester for handheld mobile devices and Pneumatic Drop Tester for the electronic devices with packaging.

Dual rotating drum drop tester

Rotating Drum Drop Tester

  • AT-D3006
  • Continuous tumbling and falling
  • Single / two/ multiple drums available
  • Load up to 5 kg
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Orientation drop tester

Oriennament Drop Tester

  • AT-D3001
  • Sample sucked / clamped pneumatically
  • Accurate drop at 0°, 45°, 90°
  • Load up to 2 kg or more
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pneumatic package drop tester

Pneumatic Drop Tester

  • AT-D3002
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Electric lift
  • Pneumatic Release
  • Load up to 100 kg
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single arm package drop tester

Single-arm Drop Tester

  • AT-D3004
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Drop height up to 1.5 / 1.8 / 2 m
  • Load up to 80 kg
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The most common international standard for the free fall test of electronic products is IEC 60068-2-32. We usually use a vertical drop test for electronic products. Sometimes, a rotating drum is used for repeated fall testing to determine its accessories’ resistance to drop and wear. Many cell phone manufacturers perform the drop test with an Orientation Drop Tester. It is necessary to do the drop test on the packaging stuffed with electronic products, which meets the ISO ASTM ISTA standards.

Product drop testing often has its internal testing methods. When designing electronic products, it is necessary to use a drop test machine in the laboratory to perform drop tests on the product in various positions from different heights to design a perfect product.

Smart electronic products are mostly composed of precision components and protected by shells. Portable electronic devices are susceptible to the impact of drops. Accidental drops may cause damage to their appearance or function failures, such as shell cracks, battery separation, and screen damage. The anti-drop performance of the product is one of the important concerns in product design.

The height of the drop test is based on the weight of the product and the height that is most likely to fall in actual applications as a reference. The surface of the drop impact should be a smooth, hard and rigid surface made of steel or concrete (if there are special requirements, it should be determined by the test requirements).

For handheld products (such as mobile phones, MP3), most of the drop height ranges from 100 cm to 150 cm. For handheld products less than or equal to 2 kg, the IEC recommends that the drop height of 100 cm should cause damage to specimens. MIL recommends that the drop height is 122 cm, Intel recommends a drop height of 150 cm for handheld products (such as mobile phones). The severity of the test depends on the height of the drop, the number of drops, and the direction of the drop.

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