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Rotating drum drop tester

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Rotating Drum Drop Tester is also called the tumbling barrel testing machine or tumbling barrel tester, which is used to determine the continuous drop resistance of various small and lightweight portable electronic products.

The rotating drum drop tester features a single or multiple drums having the function of rotating at a specified speed under control. The specimen inside the drum follows the movement of the barrel to tumble continuously in random free fall. It is mainly suitable for various small electronic products such as mobile phones, PDAs, electronic dictionaries, remote controls, and so on.

The control panel of the normal version is fitted with LED displays and physical keys to present the tumbling speed, number of rotations, and for parameter setup. A touch LCD is configured on advanced versions of the tumbling barrel testing machine. The test speed can be set freely from 5 to 20 times per minute. The maximum mass of the single test piece that is allowed to test is 5 kg, and the drop height can be selected from 500 mm and 1000 mm.

AMADE TECH can supply single-drum, twin-drum and customized multi-drum drop testers. In addition, we can also equip a transparent acrylic protective cover for the tumbling barrel testing machine to better ensure the safety of testing personnel.

Rotating drum drop tester schematic diagram

Below are different types of rotating drum drop testers available from AMADE TECH.

Tumbling barrel testing machine

  • AT-D3006-A

  • Single Drum Drop Tester

Dual rotating drum drop tester

  • AT-D3006-B

  • Dual-drum Drop Tester

5-station rotating drum drop tester with protection cover

  • AT-D3006-D

  • 5-station Drop Tester

Two-station rotating drum drop tester with protection cover

  • AT-D3006-C

  • 2-station Drop Tester

  • It complies with a variety of international testing standards such as IEC, EN, VDE, ISO.

  • The transparent acrylic window is convenient for loading and unloading the sample, and the window can be locked during the test.

  • LED display or optional PLC touch screen control is available.

  • The counter is four-digit, and you can set the number of rotations freely.

  • The rotating speed of the drum is adjustable from 5 to 20 times per minute. Most test standards require a rotating speed of 5 revolutions per minute, so the sample drops 10 times per minute.

  • The size of the tumbling barrel is made according to the requirements of international testing standards. The barrel wall made of steel is 1.5 mm in thickness, the impact surface steel plate is 3 mm thick, and the wood board is 15 mm thick.

  • The equipment has a power-off memory function.

  • The rotating drums are driven by gears and bearings, which is durable.

  • The safety protection cover surrounding the rotating drum drop tester is optional.

  • Suitable for continuous drop test of a variety of specimens, such as mobile phones, small appliances, remote controllers, connectors, various metal terminals, mobile phone chargers, power adapters, power plugs, electronic components, various power switches, and other products.

A single sample is put into one drum. After the machine is started, the motor drives the drum to perform continuous rotation until the specified number of times. The damage caused to the sample is visually examined by the operator to evaluate its performance.

Model AT-D3006
Specimen Load Max. 5kg
Barrel Rotating Speed 5 ~ 20rpm adjustable
Barrel Rotating Number 0 ~ 9,999 times settable
Drop Height 500 mm or 1000 mm or Customized
Barrel Quantity Single, Double or multiple
Control Mode LED intelligent control or PLC touch screen
Power supply 1 Phase, AC220V 50 / 60 Hz or specified
The peripheral safety cover is optional
  • IEC 60068-2-32 Environmental testing. Part 2: Tests. Test Ed: Free fall
  • IEC 60884.1 Drop resistance test of electrical accessories
  • IEC61058
  • EN 50075 Drop resistance test of plug sockets electrical accessories
  • IEC 60598-1
  • VDE 0620-1
  • BS 1363.1
  • UL 60730
  • IEC 60312
  • MIL-STD-202G (Method 203C) Random drops

The rotating drum drop tester is composed of the steel plate, acrylic plastic plate, wood board, rubber block, and controller. It has a special barrel shape. The design of this barrel conforms to international testing standards. It is driven by a motor to rotate the drum to make the product inside it fall randomly. The number of rotations and the frequency of the rotation per minute can be preset. When the product slides slowly to the end of the drum until the drum is vertical, the product instantly falls. In the process of falling, the product randomly rolls on steel, plastic, and rubber and finally drops onto a wooden board, repeating dozens of times or even hundreds of times. Every corner and the surface of the product is hit and scraped during the test.

The tumbling barrel drop tester has many applications. As long as your product is hand-held, it is easy to drop and bump when used on the workbench, so it is necessary to conduct the rotating drum drop test.

The rotating drum drop tester is also usually used for the drop test of medical products such as sphygmomanometer, Blood Glucose Monitors, etc.

Consumer electronics are the most common test objects of the rotating drum drop test machine, such as cellphone, remote control units, wristwatches, Bluetooth headsets, etc.

The tumbling barrel drop test is not equivalent to the drop test, but a supplementary of the drop test. The free fall drop test is to test the maximum load that the product can withstand when an accidental drop occurs during use. Rotating drum drop test is to simulate the repeated rotating drum drop to determine the performance of finished products and parts of various electrical products, connections, sealing parts.

The free fall drop test is a single drop test for the specific posture of the sample. You can set the height of the drop, and the sample can be firmly clamped by the pneumatic arm, which can realize the free fall of the corners, edges, surfaces of the product in multiply desired postures. The sample can be evaluated after a single drop. The tumbling barrel drop test has no requirements for the posture of the sample during the drop, and the whole falling state is more random and repeated.

The tumbling barrel drop tester is more widely used. In addition to consumer electronics, such as electrical connectors, product accessories are also usually tested by rotating drum drop testers. It is mainly used to determine the product’s resistance to repeated falling, tumbling and scratching.

Both rotating drum drop tester and free fall drop tester are mainly used in the drop test of consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, IPADs.

We also offer the Free Fall Drop Tester, Orientation Drop Tester and Pneumatic Package Drop Tester for drop testing of electronic devices:

1.5 meter drop tester for electronic products

Free Fall Drop Tester

  • AT-D3007
  • Electric lifting of the specimen
  • Specimen clamped pneumatically
  • Drop against the surface, corner or edge
  • Load of 3 kg or 5 kg
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Orientation drop tester

Oriennament Drop Tester

  • AT-D3001
  • Sample sucked / clamped pneumatically
  • Accurate drop at 0°, 45°, 90°
  • PLC + touch screen
  • Load up to 2 kg or more
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pneumatic package drop tester

Pneumatic Drop Tester

  • AT-D3002
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Electric lift
  • Pneumatic Release
  • Load up to 100 kg
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