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Double arm drop tester

Double-wing Drop Tester China Manufacturer

Double-arm Carton Drop Tester is used to determine the impact resistance of the package and the inner goods inside it and also can evaluate whether the packaging design is reasonable. This drop tester is able to simulate the scene where a package filled with products falls onto the floor during handling, loading, or unloading to grasp the degree of damage to the outer package and the inner products.

This double-wing drop test machine can anticipate the result of the simulated drop of a package to figure out the best solution to minimize the damage and loss in transit. On the other hand, it can also help improve and perfect the packaging design.

It is also suitable for drop tests on irregular products or packages, such as luggage, and It can also perform the drop test of corners, surfaces, and edges of a carton sample.

This drop test equipment can lift the test sample to a required drop height and support it in the predetermined state until the drop occurs. Unlike the Single-arm Drop Tester with only one supporting plate, This drop tester features two arms to load the test piece. Under the remote control of the control box, both arms can get flipped downward at the same time, and the sample will drop down simultaneously and hit the base plate in a free fall.

Due to its unique structure and operating mechanism, the lowest sample release height that the double wing drop tester can accept is 40 mm, and the highest drop height is 1.5 meters. Of course, we can also customize it according to your test requirements.

All these package drop testers support three drop postures when conducting the drop test: impact against the surface / edge / corner of a carton.

Our Double-wing drop testing machine has two separate arms, and their distance between each other can be adjusted based on testing requirements. Hence, the double-wing drop testing machine is more suitable for large dimensional packages and Irregular specimens such as suitcases, toolboxes, etc.

The maximum load-bearing capacity of the single-wing drop testing machine is usually 80 kg because it has only one support. If the size of the packaging sample is large, the center of gravity may be unstable when performing the drop test of edges and corners, which may affect the drop test results. It is more suitable for small-size packaging.

ISTA Pneumatic drop tester is a drop tester that meets a variety of international test standards. It releases the sample by cylinders, allowing the bracket to separate from the specimen at a very high speed. The operator can get more accurate results. Its price is higher than that of a single wing or two wing drop tester.

  • The drop test apparatus is mainly made of high-quality steel to ensure enough rigidity and strength, and its surface is coated with anti-static paint.

  • The carton sample can be dropped to hit its surface, edge, or corner according to the corresponding testing requirements.

  • Configured with two arms to support the test piece and flip down simultaneously.

  • The carton sample can be lifted to the required height by the electric way.

  • The drop height is adjustable freely and can be indicated through a digital display.

  • The drop method of the specimen is in free fall, and the two wings can be released flexibly to ensure that the specimen is not affected by external forces at the moment of release and during the free fall.

  • An auxiliary rod hung over the double arms is available to help fix the test sample before the drop.

  • The control device is separate from the drop system to protect the operator better.

Model AT-D3005
Drop Height 400 ~ 1500 mm (customizable as per clients’ requirements)
Height Indication Digital LCD
Single-wing Area 300 mm × 750 mm
Base Plate Area 1400 mm × 1400 mm × 10 mm
Max. Allowable Specimen Weight 60 kg
Tested Space 870 mm × 740 mm × 400 ~ 1600 mm
Drop Method Free fall
Height Adjustment Motor driven
Operating Language English / Chinese
Horsepower 1 HP (750 W)
Power AC 380 V / 50 Hz / 2 kW or Specified
  • ISO 2248
  • JIS Z0202
  • GB/T4857.5

If you want to conduct a drop test on large or heavy packaging from a relatively low height, a Zero Distance Drop Tester is preferable. An Economic drop test machine with a single arm and ISTA Drop tester for small package cartons is also available from AMADE TECH.

100 kg zero distance drop tester

Zero Distance Drop Tester

  • AT-D3003
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Pneumatic release
  • PLC + touch screen
  • Test load – 100 / 200 /300 kg
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single arm package drop tester

Single-arm Drop Tester

  • AT-D3004
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Electric release
  • Drop height up to 1.5 / 1.8 / 2 m
  • Load up to 80 kg
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pneumatic package drop tester

Pneumatic Drop Tester

  • AT-D3002
  • Drop against the surface , corner or edge
  • Electric lift
  • Pneumatic Release
  • Load up to 100 kg
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