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UL94 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber

UL94 Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Equipment China Manufacturer

Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber is a plastic testing device used to inspect or determine the combustion characteristics of plastic materials under specified conditions. It is designed according to the relevant clauses stipulated in the UL 94 standard.

The UL94 horizontal / vertical flame chamber is capable of conducting Horizontal Burning Tests and Vertical Burning Tests by means of respective fixture kits clamping the specimen above the burning flame at a given height to control the ignition duration, record the time for which an afterflame lasts and the time for which an afterglow lasts under specified conditions. It is able to determine the linear burning rate and the afterflame / afterglow time, as well as the damage length of the specimen.

Determination Standards

  • UL94(Horizontal Burning test: HB)
  • UL94(50W(20mm) Vertical Burning Test: V-0, V-1 or V-2)
  • UL94(500W(125mm) Vertical Burning Test: 5VA or 5VB)
  • UL94(Thin Material Vertical Burning Test: VTM-0, VTM-1 or VTM-2)
  • UL94(Horizontal Burning Foamed Material Test: HBF, HF-1 or HF-2)
  • IEC60695-11-10
  • ASTM D5025
  • ASTM D5207
  • GBT2408-2008 etc.

Main Technical Specifications

Model AT-P6002
Test Flame 50 W, 500 W
Burner Tube Internal diameter: φ9.5 mm +/- 0.3 mm, length: 100 mm +/- 10 mm
Burning Angle  0° , 20° , 45°
Thermocouple Type K (Ni/Cr-Ni/Al)
Standard Copper Block Φ5.5 mm ± 0.01 mm, weight: 1.76 g ± 0.01 g before drilling. And Φ9 mm ± 0.01 mm, weight: 10 g ± 0.05 g before drilling. Cu-ETP
Time for Temperature to Increase From 100℃ ± 5℃ to 700℃ ± 3℃ 44 s ± 2 s and 44 s ± 2 s (Preset)
Timer 0.1 s ~ 9999 s
Flame Height 20 ± 2 mm / 40 ± 2 mm (adjustable)
Gas Supply Methane or coal gas
Flowmeter 105 ± 10 ml / min and 965 ± 30 ml / min
Manometer 0 KPa ~ 7.5 KPa
Power Supply 220 V 50 Hz 3 A  or 110 V 60 Hz Optional
Volume of Chamber >0.5 m³, black interior
Standards UL94, IEC60695-11-3/4, IEC 60695-11-10/20, etc.

UL94 Horizontal/Vertical Flame Chamber Features

  • The desktop airless combustion chamber has a large internal volume of more than 0.5 m³, equipped with built-in lighting and exhaust fans, which are convenient for exhausting the combustion gas.
  • The window on the door is made of toughened safety glass to guarantee that specimens can be seen throughout the test.
  • Fully adjustable horizontal and vertical specimen supports are available.
  • The burner complies with ASTM D5025, with simple angle adjustment (0°, 20°, 45°) and a precise gas control system, including a gas flow meter, pressure regulator and pressure gauge.
  • It contains burning timer, afterflame timer, afterglow timer, and the number of burning.

UL94 Horizontal Flame Test Procedure in Brief

  1. Plug in and turn on the machine. Mark 2 lines on each specimen in line with the specification.
  2. Mount the specimen with a longitudinal axis horizontal and its transverse axis inclined at 45 ± 2 mm and keep a distance of 10 ± 1 mm between the lowest edge of the test piece and the gauze.
  3. Adjust the gas supply to produce a gas flow of 105 ± 5 ml / min.
  4. Ignite the burner and adjust the blue flame to 20 ± 1 mm high.
  5. Apply the flame to the free end at the lower edge of the specimen.
  6. Incline the central axis of the burner toward the end of the specimen at an angle of 45 ± 2 mm horizontally.
  7. Fix the burner to ensure the free end of the specimen is located in the flame in the depth of 6 ± 1 mm lasting for 30 ± 1 seconds.
  8. Remove the flame and start the timing device once the combustion front reaches 25 mm mark.
  9. Test equipment records the elapsed time in seconds and damage length in mm of combustion front traveling from 25 mm to 100 mm automatically to get a rate.
  10. Repeat the same procedure on other specimens (please note test chamber shall be evacuated after each test).

The above is just for reference. Please strictly follow the procedure of the applied standard to carry out the test when you get this testing equipment.

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