Project Description

Tensile testing machine for leather

Leather Test for Adhesion of finish (Coating)

This tensile testing equipment is a universal testing machine for measuring the adhesion of the finish coat on the leather or the adhesion between two adjacent finishes. The tester is applicable to all finished leather with a smooth surface.

Test Principle

The solvent-free adhesive is used to bond part of the leather coating layer to the adhesive plate, and the force is applied to the free end of the strip leather to make the leather coating layer peel off to the specified length. The coating layer is stuck to the adhesive plate, and the force applied is the adhesion fastness of the coating layer to the leather.

Test Standards

ISO 11644, GB/T 4689

leather coating adhesion test

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9019-B AT-LK9019-BB
Capacity 200N, 500N optional
Load Precision ± 1% ± 0.5%
Test Speed (25 ~ 500) mm / min adjustable    100 mm / min (Standard) (0.01 ~ 500) mm / min adjustable    100 mm / min (Standard)
Test Travel 600 mm 600 mm
Display Test software Test software
Driver Frequency conversion motor Servo motor
Configurations Tensile testing machine, PVC Adherent-plate, Adherent-plate holder, grip for leather clamping
Safety Devices Leakage protection, overload, emergency stop, upper and lower stroke limit device

Construction of Tensile testing machine for adhesion test of leather coating:
1. Tensile testing machine
2. Adherent-plate
3. Adherent-plate holder
4. Hook link or a suitable grip that is suitable for clamping the leather sample on the upper jaw of the tensile testing machine

To perform this test, you will need to prepare the arrangements below:
1. Tensile testing machine (contains all the components) – Supplied by Amade-tech.
2. Adhesive
3. Oven (Optional with extra cost) – supplied by Amade-tech.
4. Weight-piece, 4.5kg
5. Cleaning solvent
6. Sample cutter
7. Vacuum-desiccator vessel
8. Vacuum pump


  1. The machine’s structure is made of an aluminum extruded plate, which is processed by advanced baking paint.
  2. The built-in high-precision, low-resistance, no-clearance ball screw and guide column improve the load efficiency and structural rigidity.
  3. The load element adopts a high-precision force sensor.
  4. A computer compatible with a test software can complete all the test parameter settings, working state control, data acquisition and analysis processing, diagram display, test results editing and print out.
  5. The test machine performance is stable and reliable, and the measurement accuracy is high.
  6. The test software function is powerful, and the operation is easy to understand.

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