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Hrizontal flaming tester for Leather

Horizontal Flammability Test Chamber China Supplier

Horizontal Flammability Tester for Leather is suitable for the evaluation of the horizontal burning rate of automobile interior leather, and it is also intended for flammability test in the passenger compartment interior of motor vehicles.

The test equipment includes a combustion chamber, sample holder, gas lamp, gas for the test, fume hood, stopwatch, leather thickness gauge, thermometer, steel ruler.

Test Principle

The sample is clamped on the U-shaped bracket, and the flame is ignited at the free end of the sample for 15 seconds. The test determines whether the flame is extinguished or when it is extinguished, the distance the sample burns and the time it takes to burn that distance.

Test Standards

ISO 17074, ISO 3795

Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9021
Sample ignition time 15 s
The distance from the bottom of the sample to the bottom of the combustion chamber 178 mm
The distance between the front end of the sample holder and the inner surface of the combustion box 22 mm
The distance between the two longitudinal outer sides of the testing bracket and the inner surface of the combustion box 50 mm
Nozzle inner diameter 9.5 mm
Time setting range 0 ~ 9999.9 s
Resolution 0.1 s

Test Steps for Reference

  1. Measure the thickness of the leather test pieces.
  2. Load the sample into the sample bracket. The two long sides and one end of the sample are clamped by the U-shaped bracket, and the free end is aligned with the opening of the U-shaped bracket. When the sample width is insufficient, the U-shaped bracket cannot grip the sample, or the free end of the sample is soft and flexible, which will cause unstable combustion. The sample should be placed on the heat-resistant metal mesh.
  3. Ignite the gas lamp when the air inlet of the gas lamp is closed and adjust the flame height to 38mm. After the airflow is stable, the flame shall burn for at least 5 minutes in this state.
  4. The sample bracket is pushed into the combustion chamber, the sample is placed in the center of the combustion box, placed in the horizontal position, so that the free end of the sample is in the flame, ignites for 15 seconds, and then remove the flame.
  5. The flame burns forward from the free end of the sample and starts timing when the bottom of the spreading flame passes the first marking line.
  6. When the flame reaches the second mark line, or the flame goes out before reaching the second mark line, the timing stops at the same time. If the flame is extinguished before the second mark is reached, the distance from the first mark to the flame goes out is measured with a steel plate ruler.
  7. When the flame is removed, if the sample cannot ignite or cannot continue to burn spontaneously before the first marking line, then the combustion rate is 0 mm/min.

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