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Seam Fatigue Tester

Stitching Fatigue Testing Machine Manufacturer

Seam Fatigue Tester is intended to evaluate the seam strength of the sewing material of leather or fabrics used in car seats.

A certain amount of tensile load was repeatedly applied to the seam part of the sample, and the anti-fatigue stitching strength of the surface after repeated stretching was evaluated. The seam fatigue test is very necessary, as it is caused by the increase of external force on the stitched part of the car seat due to the vibration of the car during driving and other reasons.

This machine is composed of a central clamp that reciprocates left and right, and other clamps connected to a heavy load. During the test, two samples are installed on the left and right clamp. With the reciprocating movement of the center clamp, the force on the specimens will also increase or decrease from time to time. After the repeated stretching number reach the set value, Measure the maximum length of the holes created on each side of the seam due to needle hole elongation. The fatigue strength of the specimen will be judged according to the degree of cracking of the seam.

Test Standards

GMW 3405, TSL 2000G JASO M403 GM standard, Ford standard, Honda standard, Mazda standard, Nissan standard, etc.

The specified size of the sample is 100 mm in width, 100 mm in length. According to the direction of warp and weft, take two pieces for a group to prepare two groups in total. The surfaces of the two specimens are overlapped with each other. At 10 mm from one side, a test piece with a seam interval of 20 ± 2 stitches / 100 mm is sewn with a sewing machine, and then installed on the fixtures on the left and right of the testing machine for 2500 times. The load is 29.4N (3kg), and the speed is 30 reciprocating/min repeated reciprocating test. After the test, the size of the small holes in the seam of the test piece due to slippage and other reasons was measured under load, and the fatigue strength of the seam was evaluated and judged.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9022
Test Stations 2 or 4
Specimen Dimension 100 × 100 mm or 100 × 50 mm (according to test standards)
Distance between Clamps 120 mm, 130 mm (adjustable according to test standards)
Test Speed 30 cycles
Load Weight 3 kg
Test Travel 150 mm
Counter LCD display, 0 ~ 999,999
Dimension 800 × 400 × 650 mm
Weight 50 kg
Power Supply 1 Phase, AC 220V, 50 / 60 Hz 3A or specified by customers

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