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Tensile testing machine for leather

Leather Single-edged & Double-edged Tear Test Machine China Supplier

This tensile testing machine is used to determine the leather’s tensile strength, percentage extension or tear strength (single-edged and double-edged tear). It also can be used for the measurement of leather stitch tear resistance by changing the fixture.

Leather single edge tear sometimes is called trouser tear, and double edge tear is also called Baumann tear.
Tensile or tear strength evaluation is an important mechanical property test on leather, which evaluates leather specimens’ tear and tensile strength under the external force applied.

There are special clamps and grips designed for the above tear strength tests and tension tests on leather, and they comply with the international test standards of ISO 3377-1/2, ISO 23910, ISO 3376.

Test Principle

The two ends of the sample are respectively fixed on the upper and lower gripper. The upper clamping device stretches the sample at a uniform speed of 100 mm ± 20 mm per minute and stops until the sample is broken, and the applied force to the sample is recorded continuously. The maximum force recorded is the tear strength of the leather sample.

Tensile and Elongation Test: A test piece is extended at (100±20) mm per minute until the force reaches the predetermined value or specimen breaks.

Leather Tensile / Tearing Testing Machine and Arrangements:
– A universal tensile testing machine with digital control and LCD touch screen to display the dynamic diagrams or the test software is controlled via a computer.
– Grippers.
For tensile strength and percentage extension and single edge tearing test, the minimum width of jaws is required to be 50 mm.

Leather Tensile strength Test
single edge tear test & double edge tear test

Single-edged & Double-edged Tearing Test

stitch tearing test

Stitch Tearing Test

Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9019-A
Capacity 500 N, 1000 N, 2000 N (Optional)
Load Precision ±1%, ±0.5% (Optional)
Test Speed (25 ~ 500) mm / min adjustable

100 mm / min (Standard)

Test Travel 600 mm
Display LCD touch screen or Test software displayed on the computer (Optional)
Driver Frequency conversion motor
Test Pieces Holders Specified by clients

Single edge tear test clamping device

Double edge tear test clamping device

Stitch tear test clamping device

Tensile (Elongation) test clamping device

Safety Devices Leakage protection, overload, emergency stop, upper and lower stroke limit device
Standard Accessories Tearing / Tensile test clamping device

Sampling press knife

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