Project Description

Water vapour permeability test chamber

Water Vapour Permeability Test Chamber is used for determining the water vapour permeability (WVP) of leather or fabrics in an artificial environment in accordance with prescribed requirements.

Compared with the AT-L9014 WVP tester, this device features an extra climate chamber coming with a temperature and humidity controller, which is capable of providing a specific temperature and humidity atmosphere ( 23 ± 2℃, 50 ± 5% R.H. specified by ISO 20344) for the test.

Test Standards

GB/T 20991, SATRA TM172, EN / ISO 20344, ISO 20345, ISO 20347, BS EN 344, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9014A
Climate Chamber

Temperature / Humidity Control

Temperature range: 0℃ ~ 100℃ adjustable

Humidity range: 20% R.H – 95% R.H adjustable

Tested condition atmosphere (23 ± 2)℃, (50 ± 5)%RH or (20 ± 2)℃, (65 ± 2)% R.H  (Common test conditions)

Jars/Bottles Diameter 30 mm

Height: 80 mm ± 10 mm

Holder for Jars Disc rotating speed (75 ± 5) r / min
Axle of Jars / Bottles and Disc Parallel and at a distance of 67 mm
Fan Three flat blades, the angle between them at 120°

Blades size: 90 mm × 75 mm

The distance between jars months and blade of 90 mm axle: (10 ± 5) mm

Fan rotating speed: (1400 ± 100) r / min

Silica gel Desiccant It needs to be dried at least 16 h at (125 ± 5)℃. in dry oven (optional)
Electronic Balance (Optional) Accuracy 0.001g
Leather Flexing Apparatus(Optional) AT-L9002 bally flexometer
Test Pieces Size Diameter 34 mm
Power 1 Phase, AC 220 V, 50 Hz or Specified by clients

This water Vapour Permeability testing machine consists of a Climate chamber, bottles, a rotatable disc used for holding the bottles. A powerful fan that can rotate at the rate of (1400 ± 100) r / min.

To carry out the test of water vapor permeability, you will need the following tools or accessories.

  • Silica gel desiccant (provided by Amadetech)
  • Balance (Accuracy nearest 0.001g)
  • Pre-flexing apparatus (Bally Flexometer) (prepared by the user or purchase from us)
  • Oven, Silica gel desiccant needs to be dried at least 16h at (125 ± 5)℃ (prepared by the user or purchase from us).

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