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Horizontal Motorized Pull Strength Tester

Horizontal Pull Force Tester China Manufacturer

This pull strength tester is a tensile test machine driven by a motor to drive the movement of the fixture. It features a detachable push-pull force gauge built-in a series of precision parts to realize data collection, calculation, and display. We can configure gauges with different ranges for you. The maximum load capacity of the gauge is up to 1000 N.

All test data and graphics can be transferred to a PC for intuitional view and analysis. By changing different clamps, this pull test machine can complete various tensile and compression tests. The machine is widely used in factories, universities, scientific research institutions, and quality inspection units.

Different from the mainstream pull testers, the stand of this pull strength tester is horizontal. A movable assembly slides the stand under control in manual or auto mode. The direction of tension or compression of the sample is horizontal. The horizontal structure is more compatible with wire terminal fixtures. It is easier for the operator to mount and remove samples, so it is more used for tensile tests in the wire terminal industry.

Except for the structural difference (AT-U2-770 is a vertical tensile machine, AT-U2-780 is a horizontal tensile machine), in terms of function, test mode, operation method, feature, etc. the AT-U2-780 pull strength tester is same as the AT-U2-770. Please click AT-U2-770 pull tester machine to learn more details.

structure of the horizontal motorized pull tester
crimped terminal pull test fixture

Crimp Pull Test

key ring pull test fixture

Key Ring Pull Test

wire pull test fixture

Universal Pull Test

Model                                                                                      AT-U2-780
Capacity 2 N 5 N 10 N 20 N 50 N 100 N 200 N 500 N 1000 N
Resolution 0.001 N 0.001 N 0.01 N 0.01 N 0.01 N 0.1 N 0.1 N 0.1 N 1 N
Accuracy                                                                                          < ± 1%
Stroke 450 mm (exclude grips), 350 mm (include standard grips)
Unit                                              N / lbf / gf                                    Kgf / N/ lbf
Clamp A pair of standard grips (Customization available)
Test Speed 10 ~ 350 mm / min (stepless adjustment)
Dimension 930 mm × 261 mm × 230 mm
Weight Approx 30 kg
Accessories Adapter, Software and USB cable

crimped wire tension test fixturewire pull test clamp wire pull test jig wire terminal pull test fixture Attachment for pull test grip mounting

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Model Max load Division value Application Sensor
DS2-2N 2N(200gf) 0.001N(0.1gf) Tensile/Compression built-in
DS2-5N 5N(500gf) 0.001N(0.1gf) Tensile/Compression built-in
DS2-10N 10N(1000gf) 0.01N(1gf) Tensile/Compression built-in
DS2-20N 20N(2000gf) 0.01N(1gf) Tensile/Compression built-in
DS2-50N 50N(5000gf) 0.01N(1gf) Tensile/Compression built-in
DS2-100N 100N(10kgf) 0.1N(0.01kgf) Tensile/Compression built-in
DS2-200N 200N(20kgf) 0.1N(0.01kgf) Tensile/Compression built-in
DS2-500N 500N(50kgf) 0.1N(0.01kgf) Tensile/Compression built-in
DS2-1000N 1000N(100kgf) 1N(0.1kgf) Tensile/Compression built-in

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