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Melt Flow Indexer is also referred to as the extrusion plastometer. It is intended to determine the melt flow rate of various thermoplastics and resins extruded from the die with a specified bore length and diameter.

Melt Flow Index Machine is extensively applicable to materials with high melting temperature, including polycarbonate, polysulfoxide, fluoroplastics, nylon, etc., and plastic with low melting temperature like PE, PS, PP, ABS, POM, PC, etc.

Test Principle

The specimen in specified quantity is placed in the cylinder of the melt flow tester and heated to reach a molten state under the specified temperature condition. The specimen in this molten state passes through a specified diameter of the die, extruded out under the load of the specified weight and within the specified time. The extruded sample is cut manually or automatically and weighed. The melt flow rate can be calculated automatically and printed out.

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The melt flow tests are mainly divided into Melt Mass Flow Rate (MFR) and Melt Volume Rate (MVR). MFR is expressed by the gram per 10 minutes based on the mass of the molten material extruded from the die over the given period. It is generally used for materials having melt flow rates ranging from 0.15 g / 10 min to 50 g / 10 min. MFR measurement can be performed by either manual operation or automatically timed operation. MVR is expressed by the cubic centimeter per 10 minutes based on the volume of material extruded from the die over the specified period.

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Test Standards

  • ASTM D1238 Melt flow rate of thermoplastics by extrusion plastometer
  • ISO1133 Plastics determination of the melt mass flow rate (MFR) and melt volume flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics
  • GB3682-2000 Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and the melt volume-flow rate(MVR) of thermoplastics
  • JIS-K7210 Plastics determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics. Part 1: Standard method

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-P6003
Testing Methods MFR, MVR
Temperature Control 50℃-450℃

Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5℃

Temperature display resolution: 0.1℃

Temperature recovery time: less than 4 minutes

Standard Die Φ2.095 ± 0.005 mm

Length: 8.000 mm ± 0.025 mm

Cylinder Internal diameter: 9.550 mm ± 0.025 mm

Length: 152 mm ± 0.1 mm

Material Properties: Excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance

Hardness is not less than 500 (HV5 ~ HV100)

Piston Head length: 6.350 mm ± 0.100 mm

Diameter of head: 9.474 mm ± 0.007 mm

Weight Precision ± 0.5%
Test Results Automatically calculate results and printed out
Material Cutting Method Manual or automatic
Position Detection Loop distance from up and down: 30 mm

Control precision: ± 0.1 mm

Test flow control Times of cutting of material: 0 ~ 10
Material Cutting Interval 0 ~ 999 s
Time Display Resolution 0.1 s
Control Flow Reaches the Set Temperature Without Volatility Barrel constant temperature time: 15 min

Specimen loading time: 1 min

Sample preheating time: 4 min

Testing Load 8 grades in total, (8 set weights)
Power Supply AC 220 V ± 10%   50 Hz / 60Hz or specified
Accessories 1. Main Machine  1 set  (built-in mini- printer)

2. Weight (8 sets):  0.325 kg, 1.200 kg, 2.160 kg, 3.800 kg, 5.000 kg, 10.000 kg, 12.000 kg, 21.6 kg   (in the 1st load)

3. Weights tray  1 pc   (in the 1st load)

4. Piston rod: 1 pc  (in the 1st load)

5. Standard die:  tungsten carbide

6. Material Charging hopper:  1 pc (Stainless Steel)

7. Material Charging rod: 1 pc

8. Cylinder cleaning rod: 1 pc

9. Standard Die cleaning bar 1 pc  (Stainless Steel)

10. Cleaning Gauze:  2 rolls

11. Print paper: 2 rolls

Melt Flow Index Tester Features

  • This machine supports MFR & MVR measurements.
  • Owns an English operation interface with the colorful LCD to set parameters and show the real-time running state.
  • The dual temperature control system enables more accurate temperature control and higher heating efficiency.
  • Fitted with an accurate temperature sensor to monitor real-time state.
  • The manual operations & Automatically timed function are available.
  • The cylinder is by hastelloy nitriding treatment, and the die is made of carbon tungsten steel.
  • The heat preservation cylinder is made of copper, and it does not rust after a long-term high temperature.
  • Allows setting beginning time when the bottom of the piston foot is at the specified point above the top of the die.
  • Automatic calculations for test results and printing are available.

Melt Flow Index Test Procedure(MFR)

  1. Check all necessary accessories in place, ensuring complete cleanness of cylinder bore, die and piston before testing.
  2. Set the temperature, spin time and spin cycle as stipulated,and insert the die and piston into the cylinder bore to heat and stabilize at a constant temperature.
  3. After 15 minutes, remove the piston from the bore, fill the bore with quantitative samples with the help of funnel and exert suitable force downwards to densify the samples with the steel rod within one minute, then reinsert the piston.
  4. Press countdown button to start the 4 minute countdown for specimens preheating.
  5. Add appropriate weights through the piston based on the flow state after preheating period.
  6. When the lower reference mark on the piston coincides with the top of the cylinder, press Run button for cutting automatically according to the preselected spin time and spin cycle.(discard extrudate and repeat the test If there is visual bubble detected on the extrudate during the test)
  7. Press Stop button If spinning within the prescribed travel distance of piston is completed.
  8. Let the excess material in the cylinder bore flow out completely and clean the bore with cleaning rod and cotton patches.
  9. Dismount the die and purge the residue with a cleaning tool.
  10. Weigh the extrudate to calculate the mean value and input it into the testing machine to print out the result.

Please note that the above is just a reference method, please conduct the test according to the specific standard you cite.

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