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Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

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Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester is a multipurpose textile testing machine that used for determining the abrasion resistance of textile fabrics or the resistance to the formation of pills and other related surface changes on textile fabrics.

The structure of the Martindale abrasion tester consists of a metal base plate, drive system, control system and display system. The testing machine is applicable to woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, nap fabrics, coated fabrics and leather.

Test Principle of the Abrasion Resistance Test

A circular specimen fixed in a specimen clamp and subjected to a specified pressure, is rubbed against an abrasive medium in a translational motion tracing a Lissajous figure, the specimen clamp being additionally freely rotatable around its own axis vertical to the plane of the specimen. The determination of the abrasion resistance of the specimen is assessed from the inspection interval to the breakdown of the specimens.

Test Principle of the Pilling Resistance Test

A circular test piece is passed over a rubbing surface comprising the same fabric or, when relevant, a wool abradant fabric, at a defined force in the form of a Lissajous figure, with the test piece able to rotate easily around an axis through its center, perpendicular to the plane of the test specimen. Fuzzing and pilling are determined visually after specified stages of rub testing.


Test Standards

ASTM D4966, ASTM D4970, BS EN 388, BS EN 13770, BS EN ISO 17076, ISO 12945, ISO 12947, GB/T 4802, GB/T 13775, GB/T 19817, GB/T 21196, JIS L1096, M&S P17, M&S P18C, M&S P19, P19A, P19C, SATRA TM31, PV 3928, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-T4001
Rotational Frequency Outer drive (47.5 ± 2.5) r / min
Inner drive (44.5 ± 2.4) r / min
Ratio of rotation of outer drive to inner drive 16:15
Maximum Stroke of Specimen Holder Longitudinal transverse both (60.5 ± 0.5) mm
Abrading Table Bottom Φ: (133 ± 0.5) mm
Upper Φ: (121 ± 0.5) mm
Angle: (60 ± 0.5)°
Clamping Ring Bottom Φ: (136 ± 0.5) mm
Upper Φ: (127 ± 0.5) mm
Pressing weight of mass (2.5 ± 0.5) kg, Φ (120 ± 10) mm
Specimen Holder Specimen holder spindle : Φ 7.95 mm
Specimen Holder Insert Φ38.1 mm,
bottom Φ (28.65 ± 0.05) mm
R 0.1 mm
Specimen Holder Nut Outer nut Φ: 38.1 mm, bottom 31.75 mm
Assembly Specimen Holder insert 1.05 mm
Combined Mass 198g (spindle, body, insert, nut)
Loading Mass (595 ± 7) g  9 kPa
(795 ± 7) g  12 kPa
Auxiliary Materials Abradant(woven wool fabric)
felt(woven wool felt)
Pilling test
Drive Maximum stroke of specimen holder
Longitudinal transverse both (24 ± 0.5) mm
Pilling Table Φ121 mm
Clamping Ring Φ127 mm
Specimen Holder Φ95 mm
Specimen Holder Total Mass (155 ± 1) g
Loading Mass Mass of the disc (260 ± 1) g
Mass of specimen holder and stainless steel disc (415 ± 2) g
Pilling Table Specimen Mounting Weight (2.5 ± 0.5) kg, Φ (120 ± 10) mm
Auxiliary Materials Wool Felt, abradant fabric
Counter 0 ~ 999,999
Controller PLC and touch screen
Power 1 phase, AC 220V ± 10% 3 A or Specified
Standard Accessories Included Accessories (1 set for each station)
Abrasion test (To ISO 12947-1/2)
Mounting weight (2.5±0.5kg, Φ120±10mm for both abrasion and pilling test)
Abrasion specimen holders (Dia. 38 mm)
Loading Weights (395 ± 7 g)
Loading Weights (595 ± 7 g)
Pilling Test (to ISO 12945-2)
Clamping Rings for pilling test
Pilling test holders (Dia. 90 mm)
Loading Weights (260 ± 1 g)
Auxiliary device for pilling specimen mounting   1 set
Consumable items
Abradant fabric  Φ 140 mm  1 set
wool felt   Φ 140 mm / Φ 90 mm  1 set
Backing foam  Φ 38 mm  1 set
Optional Accessories (With Extra Cost) 1. Specimen Cutter. (Dia. 38 mm) with cutting mat
2. Abrasive Fabric & Backing Felt Cutter. (Dia. 140 mm) with cutting mat
3. Standard Wool Abrasive Fabric SM 25. 1.6 m wide x 5 m length – For abrasion test and pilling test (when automatic)
4. Standard Backing Foam. Width 1.5 m, Length 0.5 m
5. Standard Backing Wool Felt Piece (woven) 1 m x 1.5m
6. EMPA Photographic Standards for Pilling Test (3 x 4 knitted)
7. EMPA Photographic Standards for Pilling Test (3 x 4 woven)
8. SM 50 Photographs for Pilling Test IWS + ASTM

Martindale Abrasion Testing Machine Features

  • It is made of precision stainless steel to ensure rigidity and durability.
  • Flexibly multiple workstations, including 4 / 6 / 8 / 9, are available for buyers to choose from.
  • Two types of Lissajous trajectory: 24 mm × 24 mm and 60.5 mm × 60.5 mm, enabling measurements for abrasion & pilling resistance.
  • The touch screen is adopted, and the operation interface is simple and easy to understand.
  • Two counting methods are available: down counting and up counting. 
  • Each test station can be counted separately.
  • Driven by variable frequency motor, to allow the instrument to run smoothly.
  • The test speed is adjustable, which can meet different industry standards.

Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Resistance Test Procedure

For Abrasion Resistance Tests:

1.Prepare the test pieces based on the specific requirement of the standard referred.

2.Mount the specimen into the 200g holder. The side to be tested should be downward, place a piece of foam backing next to the test piece, and install the rest to tighten the screw. The rest specimen holders operated with the same procedure in turn.

3.Place the wool felt and abradant respectively on the lower holders on the base, then put the loading hammer on the side of the abradant in case of wrinkling, the same way used on other stations.

4.Connect the sample holders and the abrading table using a steel spindle through the hole of the metal plate, adding the requested loading weights to meet the test needs. 395 g / 595 g are available.

5.Set the number of rubs on the control panel and actuate the testing instrument.

6.After the time is up, dismount the test piece to observe and record the abrasive status and results.

Note: more test procedures in detail must be following specific standards.

For Pilling Resistance Tests:

1.Adjust the trajectory of Lissajous to the mode of pilling resistance test.
2.Choose specimen gripper of 155 g, mount the specimen onto it with a rubber ring as fixing function, put the side to be tested on the lower station against the abradant through a steel spindle, an additional loading weight of 260g can be added If needed. The rest can be done in the same manner.
3.The other steps are the same as that of the abrasion resistance test. For more, please directly contact us.

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