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Manual Top Life Abrasion Tester

Manual Heel lift Abrasion Tester China Manufacturer

Manual Toplift Abrasion Tester is a piece of manumotive testing equipment for footwear used to determine the resistance of shoe heel lift to abrasion under defined conditions.

The specimen is placed on the sandpaper clamped into the test device. The operator controls the tester to rub the toplift in specific cycles under specified pressure to evaluate abrasion resistance performance.

Electric Toplift Abarsion Tester is also available from us.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3014
Load 1400 g, 1700 g, 2200 g or specified
Abrasion Distance 100 mm
Rubbing Hammer 38 × 36 mm
Counter 0 ~ 99,999
Dimension 68 × 20 × 26 cm
Weight 8 kg

Manual Toplift abrasion tester Features

  • This instrument is a manually operated toplift abrasion tester, equipped with a mechanic counter for recording the number of frictions, and the rubbing speed is controlled by a hand rocking lever.
  • The specified test loads can be provided by us according to user’s requirements.
  • Amade toplift abrasion tester with a compact dimension owns better adaptation to different test circumstances.
  • It is free from electric power throughout the test.
  • Easy for users to operate and maintain.

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