Project Description

Electric Toplift Abrasion Tester

Electric Heel Lift Abrasion Testing Machine Manufacturer

Electric Toplift Abrasion Tester is a power-driven instrument intended to assess the resistance of footwear top lift to abrasion under defined conditions.

Both electric and Manual Toplift Abrasion Tester are provided by Amade Technology.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-F3013
Test Load 1400 g, 1700 g, 2200 g or specified
Rubbing Rod 38 × 36 mm
Motor 1/4 HP
Rubbing Speed 60 cpm or adjustable
Counter LCD display, 0 ~ 999,999
Dimension 58 × 55 × 38 cm
Weight 47 kg
Power 1 phase, AC220V±10%, 3A or specified

Heellift Abrasion Tester Features

  • This machine has two test stations so that it can test two samples at the same time.
  • A variety of test loads such as 1400g, 1700g, 2200g are available, and customers can also specify the loads based on actual requirements.
  • The test table is made of stainless steel, which will not rust for a long time.
  • It is driven by a precise motor making sure that the machine runs smoothly.
  • The intelligent controller can set the test cycle, and the machine will automatically stop running after the preset test cycle is reached.
  • The counter is an LCD, and setting range is 0 ~ 999,999.

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