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Manual crockmeter

Manual Crock Meter Tester | Manual Rubbing Fastness Tester Manufacturer

Mnaual Crockmeter is a device that judges the rubbing fastness of textile fabrics by means of hand-driven friction.

The color fading of clothing to rubbing is an annoyance for people, as it directly affects the appearance and service life. In order to improve this property, producers have to attach importance to the color fastness of raw materials like textiles or leathers to rubbing and master it with the help of an instrument, so the crockmeter was born to be this helper.

Now the rubbing fastness tester introduced is the Amade Manual crockmeter. It is used to determine the degree of colorfastness to external friction, including wet rubbing and dry rubbing. A rubbing finger of diameter (16 ± 0.1) mm covered by a desized and bleached white cotton cloth is pressed by a downward force of (9 ± 0.2) N, moving back and forth in a straight line along the track of (104 ± 3) mm against the test piece.

It is easy to understand from the name that the power of this tester is by hand, so it doesn’t need electric power during the test. Crank with one hand clockwise drives the motion of rubbing finger by means of an eccentric gear. There is a mechanical counter to record the cycle number throughout the operation. At completion, the colorfastness state of the specimen is observed and compare the staining of the cotton clothe under the suitable illumination with the Gray Scale according to specific test specifications.

Manual crock tester is commonly used for testing paper, yarn, fabric, leather, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details If you are interested in it.

Electric Crockmeter is also available from us, please feel free to check it from our website.

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Test Standards

ISO-105×12/D02, AATCC-8/165, JIS-L1084 L0815 K6328, BS1006 D02, BS4655, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9003-B
Rubbing Head Dia 16 mm
Rubbing Distance 104 mm ± 3 mm or 100 mm (adjustable)
Rubbing Load 9 N
Rubbing Speed 60 cpm
Standard Accessories Standard white cotton: 50mmX50mm

Standard grip ring

Sand paper

Optional Accessories Grey Scale for Assessing Staining

Color matching box with standard light source

Manual Crock Tester Features

  • Made of precision steel with rust-resistant treatment.
  • Mechanical structure enhances reliability and durability, easy for maintenance.
  • For working without electricity, this testing equipment can be used at any place.
  • A purely mechanical system results in a low failure rate, worry-free of electronic components malfunction.
  • Compact design takes up little place, and the light weight allows it to be moved easily.
  • Accessories are procured any time from AMADE.

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