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Electronic Crockmeter

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AATCC Electronic Crockmeter is a textile testing instrument to determine the color fastness of leathers or textiles to repeated rubbing.

The test piece is repeatedly and intensively rubbed against a white cotton cloth attached to the rubbing head bearing the downward force of 9 N. The reciprocating track of stroke moves on a straight line measuring 104 mm.

Different from the manual crockmeter, the reciprocating number of this electric corckmeter can be preset on the counter and run automatically up to the end point, which can save much labor. It is effortless and convenient for users in the laboratory to operate this crock meter. This machine is especially suitable for specimens that demand long-time friction.

The electric rubbing fastness tester mainly consists of a control system and a friction system. The Control system is by means of the microprocessor to control the rubbing. The friction system is electric and runs automatically once the rub number is preset.

The electronic crock meter tester is applicable to colored fabrics, dyeing fabrics, painted fabrics, etc.

Test Principle

A white cotton rubbing cloth provided in the accessory kit is mounted to the rubbing head and secured with a ring. A specified load is put at the top of the rubbing finger. The specimen is fixed on the sandpaper which is placed on the substrate to prevent the movement of the test piece during the determination. The sample is rubbed against the white cloth along with the reciprocating motions of the rubbing head under the specified pressure until the prescribed number of rubs has been reached. The specimen is visually inspected and compared the staining of the white cloth with the gray scale to evaluate the color fastness to rubbing.

Test Standards

  • ISO-105×12/D02 Textiles-tests for colour fastness Part D02: Colour fastness to rubbing organic solvents
  • AATCC-8/165 Colorfastness to crocking: AATCC Crockmeter method
  • JIS-L1084 L0815 K6328 Testing methods for flocked fabrics
  • BS 1006 D02 Methods of test for colour fastness of textiles and leather
  • BS 4655 Method for determination of pile loss of cut-pile and non-loop pile upholstery fabrics

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9003-A
Rubbing Head Dia 16 mm
Rubbing Distance 104 mm ± 3 mm, 100 mm (adjustable)
Rubbing Load 9 N
Rubbing Speed 60 cpm
Machine Weight 9.5 kg
Machine Dimension 600 mm × 230 mm × 260 mm
Power Supply 1 phase, AC 220 V, 50 Hz or specified
Standard Accessories Standard white cotton: 50 mm × 50 mm

Standard grip ring

Sand paper

Optional Accessories Grey Scale for Assessing Staining

Color matching box with standard light source

Electric Rubbing Fastness Tester Features

  • Housing is formed from rugged steels coated with corrosion-resistant paint.
  • Compact size causes the machine to be moved conveniently.
  • Conforms to specifications of relevant international standards like ISO AATCC JIS BS.
  • The operating language supports English and Chinese.
  • Powered by electric power and labor-saving for operators comparing with the manual crockmeter.
  • A digital display and buttons help the laboratory users conduct the test explicitly.
  • It is applicable to textiles, fabrics, yarns, leather, paper etc.

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