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IULTCS Veslic Rub Fastness Tester

IULTCS Leather Rubbing Fastness Tester China Supplier

IULTCS & Veslic Rub Fastness tester is used to determine the color fastness of the leather to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing by reproducing the behavior of the surface of a dyed leather on rubbing with a wool felt.

This leather testing machine is applicable to all types of leather. Test leather and wool felt can be either dry or wet based on specific specifications.

Test Principle

One side of the leather specimen is rubbed against reference wool felt under a specified pressure for a specified number by forward and backward movements. The degree of color staining of the wool felt, or the change in color of the leather is evaluated with gray scales. Any other visible changes in the surface of the leather are also reported.

Test Standards

  • ISO 11640 Leather-Tests for colour fastness-colour fastness to cycles of to and fro rubbing
  • SATRA PM 173  Colour fastness to rubbing-reciprocating method
  • QB/T 2537 Leather-Tests for colour fastness-colour fastness to cycles of to and fro rubbing
  • GB/T 20991 7.3 Determination of abrasion resistance of insole
  • EN ISO20344 7.3  Determination of abrasion resistance of insole
  • AS/NZS 2210.2 7.3 Determination of abrasion resistance of insole
  • ISO 17700 Method A To and fro square rubbing finger fastness testing Footwear-test methods for upper components and insocks-colour fastness to rubbing
  • DIN 4843 Safety footwear safety requirements testing

Main Technical Parameters

Model AT-L9007
Finger Mass 500 g
Weight Mass 500 g
Rubbing Distance 35 mm ~ 40 mm
Rubbing Speed 40 ± 2 time / min
Sample Size At least 100 mm × 20 mm (120 mm × 20 mm)
Horse Power DC 120 W
Base of Finger 15 mm × 15 mm
Fixtures Distance 80 mm
Counter LCD,0 ~ 999,999
Volume 280 × 460 × 240 mm
Weight 45 kg
Power 1∮,AC 220 V, 3 A

IULTCS Veslic Rub Fastness Tester Features

  • It owns a compact dimension for the convenience of movement and placement.
  • Compatible with different testing standards such as ISO, SATRA, AS/NZS, DIN, GB, QB.
  • One or two test stations in one machine is available.
  • A microcomputer controls machine operation.
  • Fitted with a Digital display to set parameters and indicate running status.
  • The machine is easy for users to use and maintain.
  • Different accessories, including as many as 50 pcs of standard wool felts are available in the configurations.

Leather Rub Fastness Test Procedure

  1. Mount a conditioned test piece into the machine and stretch it by 10% in the direction of rubbing.
  2. Place the weight so that the total mass of the finger can attain 1000g ± 35 g for ordinary leather.
  3. Mount a piece of conditioned wool felt to the finger.
  4. Place the finger on the leather and conduct the prescribed number of cycles.
  5. Repeat the test with the finger at a new position of the test piece if required.
  6. In case the pilling effect on the felt occurs, repeat the test.
  7. Remove the test piece and evaluate the color fastness of the specimen.

The above is just for reference. Please strictly follow the procedure of the applied standard to carry out the test when you get this testing machine.

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